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How Much CBD Is In Each Dose?

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When you go to our fantastic and beautiful shop, look through the wonderful and reputable products and you’ll come across measurements. But what do they mean? When you get 100MG in an e-cig cartridge, does that mean you get 100MG in each puff? How many milligrams do you get per drop in a 500MG tincture bottle? Can you overdose on CBD? These are the burning questions!  Well, here is a quick and easy CBD guide to dosing to figure that out.


CBD Tincture

Let's take our Vina Bell CBD Tinctures for example. The bottle holds 30 milliliters of oil, and the strength is 500MG. To see how much CBD you get for each full dropper, you use a little math. In the 500 MG, each drop would hold about .5 milligrams of CBD. A full dropper usually contains about 30 drops, so multiplying that by .5 gives you 15 milligrams of CBD per full dropper.


CBD vape juice

This particular dosage calculation is filled with variables and difficulties, but not too hard for you to figure out. For this example, we will be using the yummy Hemp Hookahzs Pineapple Express 300MG vape juice that is 30ML. This type of liquid if for refilling your e-cig. The amount of vapor you get out of your e-cig depends on the atomizer, how long you puff, if you make your own coils, and other modifications you can make to your e-cigarette. If you know your e-cig, you should know how long a milliliter lasts in your tank. If not, it’s always a good idea for at least budgeting purposes to know how much liquid you go through. The way you measure how much CBD you’re getting with e-cigs is commonly by dividing by the puffs.

If you're wondering how much CBD should I vape, let's pretend you just got your new CBD vape juice, and you’re excited to fill your 3ML tank. It generally takes you 150 puffs to get through your e-cig. The first division you are going to do is figure out how much is in 1 milliliter. Divide 300 milligrams into 30 milliliters, and that is 10. Multiply that by three, the number of milliliters your e-cigarette can hold, and you have 30MG of CBD in your tank. With 30 milligrams you divide by how many puffs which are 150 giving you .2 milligrams of CBD per puff.

Pills and Suppositories

CBD suppositories

If your head hurts from all of this math, you can check out our Hemp Oil CBD Pills or the Organic Hemp CBD Suppositories. When a pill bottle says that it is 1000MG in each bottle, you only have to divide it by the number of pills in the bottle. The best part about this is that the majority of the time the package does all the math. Like the bottle in our shop, it tells you that there is 15MG for each in a bottle of 60 pills.


CBD peanut butter edibles

When you are making edibles or buying edibles like our Hemp CBD Peanut Butter, this all depends on the serving size. For the CBD peanut butter in our shop, it is 500MG in a 6-ounce container. This means that every ounce of peanut butter you put on a cracker or in a yummy PB&J, you get 83 milligrams of CBD. You can find this out by dividing the dosage milligram by the ounces of how much peanut butter you have.

Wax and Isolate

CBD wax concentrate for dabs

Isolates and waxes are gram for gram. Concentrates are the purest form of CBD you will find, and the methods of taking them make you in charge of the dosage. This is the most straightforward math you could do, and it is also the most cost-effective in the long run. If you want to make your own pills and your own edibles so you can have the equation that makes you the happiest and healthiest, check out our concentrates.

CBD infographic

These equations are on a general basis and may not apply to every product on the market. When learning dosages for the first time, it's best to be careful and start slow and low. You have no idea how these chemicals react, just like any medicine you would be prescribed or take over-the-counter. Talk to a doctor before making any significant changes. They have the tools and resources to help you find the right dose for your ailments. And after that, check out our shop! Like you've seen before, we've got some great products that can have you feeling better in no time.

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