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CBD for Escaping A Bad High

Cannabidiol (CBD) has lots of health benefits, but did you know that it can help you get out of a bad high? With more and more states jumping on the recreational bandwagon, it is becoming easier to have access to recreational marijuana. While THC has plenty of health benefits just like the rest of its friends in the cannabis plant, it can have mental and physical side-effects that can be more than just undesirable.

What Is THC?

You might hear about it often, you see people on TV consuming it in a smoky living room, but what is it? THC is the chemical compound in the cannabis plant that gives you that “high” sensation. When you smoke or eat THC, it binds the receptors in your brain that are in charge of your appetite, mood, and memory. THC also raises your dopamine levels, which contributes to the feeling of euphoria.

How CBD Helps

Even though consuming THC can be completely safe, it can depend on how you take it and you as an individual. People who are mentally unstable can worsen their condition by using THC without pairing it with CBD. Many people can even form a dependency on the euphoric feeling, much like heroin and cocaine users do. However, by using CBD, you can protect yourself from these effects.

What Is CBD

CBD is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant like THC. The difference between the two is the way they communicate with your brain. THC goes into your brain and binds receptors and high-fives your mind, while CBD comes in like a stealth ninja and uses only pathways to communicate. This is why it does not get you high; there is no solid contact in communication.

CBD and THC interact with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This system is in charge of your body’s everyday tasks like keeping a regular temperature and digesting food properly. It regulates your bodily functions and your mood, which is what makes CBD such a versatile medicine.

When your ECS is not working properly, you can develop mental and physical symptoms. When you use hemp oil medications, you are helping your system get back on track to working regularly. Some ways your ECS could be malfunctioning is by sending out too many neurotransmitters, flooding your brain with too much dopamine or not giving you enough. This also happens when you have too much THC in your system, which is where the paranoia and the ” munchies” come from. Luckily, CBD has shown that it can protect your brain from the harsh mental side-effects of THC.

CBD Protecting Your Brain

While studying the protective effects of CBD on your brain while consuming THC, they found that CBD can counteract the negative side effects of THC.

There is also a compound in your brain that is identical to THC; it is called anandamide (AEA). AEA, also known as the bliss molecule, it is a messenger molecule that plays a part in depression, memory, pain, fertility, and appetite. CBD elevates the AEA levels in your body as well as protects the compound from enzymes that make them degrade faster.

By raising the AEA and making it last longer, it helps combat the effects of THC because the receptors are so busy with the mind’s natural THC they cannot grasp on to the THC. You are still getting the euphoric feeling but without the dangers of overloading your brain with neurotransmitters.

Unfortunately, the majority of the herbal cannabis consumed by the general population is low CBD and high THC. This can cause paranoia, dopamine deficiencies, and other adverse effects. Since the potency of herbal cannabis is commonly judged on the euphoria, THC content often is the only thing people care about. However, smoking or eating THC with very little to no CBD can have irreversible effects on your mental state.

How To Properly Use CBD With THC

If you participate in recreational smoking, you are going to want to do it wisely. Luckily there are plenty of forms of CBD for people to choose from. If you are a habitual smoker, it is advised that you take CBD in ways that are long lasting such as edibles or tablets. Having a slow leak into your system can combat the effects you could have gotten throughout the day of smoking cannabis.

For extreme smokers, the CBD powder can be sprinkled on top of the marijuana and smoked. It is a more pure and potent form that can protect the most avid users.

If you do not smoke your THC, but you eat it, getting oils and CBD edibles pair well with THC edibles. CBD honey on top of THC biscuits can make a great combination. You can even use tinctures, which are drops that you put on or under your tongue before you eat your THC brownie to shield your brain from being overactive.

If you are in the middle of a bad high, and you need it to calm down, tinctures, concentrates and pure CBD powder can help you come down. They work wonderfully with regular anxiety attacks, and they can bring you back down when you are too high.

Our shop has all the CBD essentials you can think of from oils to tinctures to even suppositories. Come find the perfect dose to protect your mind while you relax.

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