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Side Effects of CBD Tinctures

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There are several different ways to take cannabidiol (CBD) depending on what you are trying to get out of the medication. Similar to prescription pills, cannabis can work instantly or be released into your system over time. For blanketed relief throughout the day for ailments like depression or intestinal pain, you would want to look at edibles, pills, and suppositories. Tinctures are generally used for people who need instant relief because of the way you administer the medication.

When you eat a CBD brownie or take pills, your body is dissolving what you took. Slowly, as your body metabolizes, the healing chemical makes its way into your bloodstream and spreads throughout doing its job. The food or pill you took also has to go through your liver, and this process against digestion takes away some of the potency of the drug. You still will get relief throughout the day, but you won't have sudden halting changes that you would have if you smoked or dropped tinctures of CBD.

Tinctures work so quickly because the hemp oil doesn’t have to be digested. You place the drops directly under your tongue and wait at least a minute, and the oil soaks into the walls and glands of your mouth going straight into the bloodstream.

When you first start taking tinctures, you shouldn’t just drop ten drops into your mouth because you know how severe your anxiety or pain is and you need industrial strength to take it out. You should start small because you don’t know how you are going to react. Adverse reactions and side effects are far and few in between with CBD, but they do exist. Being aware is the best way to avoid any damage or discomfort.

Low Blood Pressure

One of CBD’s most exceptional qualities is lowering high blood pressure. It also at the same time can cause an individual to develop hypotension, which is having blood pressure that is too low. When you start your dose and begin to raise your milligram intake, make a note of how light-headed or dizzy you feel. Talk to your doctor about other ways to administer medical cannabis for your particular ailment and your individual health concerns.

Dry Mouth

Even though you are putting a liquid in your mouth, it can still cause dry mouth. If you are taking it because you need instant relief, many find that they actually salivate more when they use vape kits. If you see that you are having problems with salivation, switching to vaping might be the best option.


Like most medications, drowsiness can occur. CBD is known as a waking agent, it is supposed to revitalize you. But not everyone reacts the same to every drug. If you find that you are becoming tired or fatigued from tinctures, maybe try lower doses or doing edibles. As always, consult a doctor when you are having any side effects to any medication. They know your body and illness and the right doctor always knows what’s best for their patient.

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