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CBD Oil Vs. Hemp Oil: What's the Difference?

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More people are going crazy over CBD and hemp products nowadays. The hype has gone so far that some actually confuse one from the other. But is there really a difference between the two?

Actually, CBD oil and hemp oil are from the industrial hemp strain of the cannabis sativa plant. This particular strain produces high amounts of cannabidiol or CBD, with zero to a low amount of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

One can feel the “kick” when products have THC higher than the recommended 0.3%, which is from the marijuana strain. That’s another story.

They may be relatives, but CBD oil and hemp oil are totally different products. This article will help you tell the difference and answer general questions.

CBD Oil Features

Some CBD oils are extracted from the whole hemp plant, which is also known as “full spectrum.” It means that the extraction was made from all of the parts of the plant, including its flowers.

This kind of CBD oil contains all of the important cannabinoids that can be found in marijuana like cannabigerol and cannabinol.

On the other hand, there are CBD oils that are called CBD isolates. During the process of extraction, CBD is literally isolated from other cannabinoids to get pure and clear CBD.

Nonetheless, CBD oil contains high CBD concentrations. It is not psychoactive unlike THC, which means that it does not affect the user’s state of mind. Instead, CBD oil is known to be of great medical help, most especially in pain management.

Hemp Oil Features

Meanwhile, hemp oil is made from hemp seed extracts. It is also known in the market as hemp seed oil.

Its CBD concentration is not that significant compared to CBD oil. Actually, some studies show that some hemp oils in the market do not contain CBD at all.

This seed oil is in line with the regular tinctures such as jojoba seed oil and sunflower seed oil. It is available in local stores.

What They Actually Do

While both oils are from the same plant, CBD oil is more of a medication rather than a supplement, which is what hemp oil is considered.

Here are some of the benefits one can get when using CBD oil and hemp oil:

Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil is known as the natural way to manage pain. Here are the other benefits one can get when using it:

  • Studies have proven that the use of CBD oil can help reduce inflammation, including Type 1 Diabetes.
  • Research and tests showed positive results when CBD is used for smoking cessation.
  • In 2018, the FDA approved CBD to be used for rare epileptic conditions.
  • Continuous research is being conducted to prove the positive effects of CBD use for neurologic disorders and cancers.
  • People suffering from anxiety disorders can find comfort when using the tincture.
  • CBD may also help slow down the progress of Alzheimer’s disease.

Benefits of Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is considered a health supplement to maintain glowing skin. The vitamins and fatty acids compensate with its lack of CBD Concentrate. Here are more specific benefits:

  • It nourishes and protects the skin from aging and minor inflammation.
  • A review done in 2014 showed that hemp oil helps combat acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, and other infectious skin diseases.
  • Since it has omega-3, it is a good supplement for the heart. It calms the blood pressure and helps maintain cholesterol level the body needs.
  • Aside from it being used as it is, hemp oil can also be used for cooking. A lot of healthy recipes are readily available online.

Pricing Match

Hemp oil is more affordable compared with CBD oil. The former can even be bought in supermarkets. Since it does not contain significant amounts of CBD, the pricing is reasonable.

On the other hand, CBD oil is pricey because of the whole hemp extraction. Purchasing this tincture needs extra precaution, too, since not all countries allow the use of CBD for medication yet.

Most CBD oils are purchased online. With the whole manufacturing process plus shipping, the pricing for CBD oil is also reasonable.

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil: Are They Really Different?

To sum up, both are extracts from the same plant but what makes them different is the concentration of CBD. CBD oil is used as a medication, while hemp oil is a supplement. They are helpful for wellness for humans and animals alike.

These tinctures have undergone a series of strict processes and third-party laboratory testing to ensure high quality. The ingredients are all natural, so there is no need to fret over side effects caused by high THC or even synthetic medication.

So, are they really different? Yes, there is a big difference between the two. Sometimes, reading labels is not enough. One must research in order to buy the right product.

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