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Why It Is So Important To Talk To Your Doctor About CBD

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We often say that you should consult your doctor when you decide to take CBD oil. But if it’s so safe and natural, why is it important to talk to your doctor about cannabis use? Though cannabidiol comes from a plant, it is still a chemical that interacts with your mind and body. It can even make certain medications react differently. When putting anything in your body to better your health, it is always a good idea to have a medical professional involved.

Side Effects

Talking to your doctor about using CBD oil can help you monitor the side effects. While at home you can keep note of how you are feeling and how the medication is interacting with your body, doctors have the tools and know how that can help you monitor your progress and look more closely into your mind and body to see if anything is going wrong. While CBD is helping many people all over the world, it isn’t the perfect fit for everyone, and your doctor can help you come to that conclusion.

Interacting With Medication

Some pharmaceutical drugs can interfere with cannabidiol. CBD can make your body metabolize certain drugs differently, making them less effective. When your doctor prescribes you a particular dose for your medication, that is with the knowledge of how your body metabolizes it. CBD oil can make that information change, making the dosing less accurate.

Pharmaceutical companies have a guide that can help the doctors as well as going by weight and age, which are factors that contribute to how your body metabolizes. If the P450 family of enzymes metabolizes a drug, then it can have interference with your CBD oil because this family of proteins also metabolizes CBD.


With more and more people turning to medical cannabis, reports of allergies are starting to surface. Just like other plants, foods, and medications, you can be allergic to CBD oil as well. Keeping your doctor in the loop can help you figure out if it is the cannabis that is causing an allergic reaction or other factors.

How To Talk To Your Doctor

Even though medical cannabis is on its way to becoming legal, it is still a controversial subject. It may be frightening to talk to your doctor about using CBD oil, but it’s a smarter thing to do. One thing that can put your mind at ease is that you cannot get in trouble for inquiring about using medical marijuana for your health.

Before you walk into your doctor’s office, do your research. We have many articles on a wide variety of subjects that link to studies that can help you become more educated on the subject. Knowing how CBD might be able to help you from a scientific standpoint may give you more credibility. If your doctor is engaging in the conversation with you and is being understanding, this is an excellent start to a healthy relationship. However, it is possible to have a doctor who doesn’t listen and is preoccupied with other methods you might have already explained you’re uncomfortable with.

A doctor’s job isn’t to push an agenda; it is to better your health. While there may be doctors who practice through biases, there are many that truly want their patients to get better. If you find that your doctor is unresponsive to your requests and shrugs you off, it may be time to look for a second opinion.  

Who better to go through this journey of health and recovery than with your doctor? They spend years in school learning how to help you achieve the height of health. With all of the studies coming out showing how much cannabis oil can help others, more doctors are becoming receptive to the idea of this particular alternative medicine. Before you dive into this new world of wellness, remember that hemp oil is still medicine and should be treated as such which means keeping your doctor informed and taking their advice.


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