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How To Store CBD Products

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical that comes from the cannabis plant. Because it is a natural plant-based medicine, it will degrade and lose potency over time. Knowing how to store your CBD can help you maintain its freshness while improving its shelf life.

Keep It Closed

One of the easiest ways to keep your CBD products fresh is by making sure you completely close the containers when you finish the medicine. When the medication is exposed to oxygen for too long, it can begin the degrading process. Most products come in their own air-tight container, but if you plan on making edibles or your own CBD product, make sure you are storing it in a sealed container.

Keep It Dark

Too much UV light can also progress the degrading process of cannabis products. This weakness is why products come in packages that block light. If you are transferring your CBD into another container, or you are making a CBD product of your own, make sure that what you are putting it in has an opaque color or is dark enough to keep sunlight out.

Keep It Cool

Prolonged heat exposure can reduce the longevity of your product. If you leave it in your sweltering hot car for long periods of time, you can expect for the CBD oil to not have the right effect. One of the best things you can do to keep your product fresh is to keep it in your refrigerator in between uses.

When Room Temperature Is Okay

If you plan on taking all of the CBD that you have in a month or less, it will be safe in your medicine cabinet as long as it is room temperature. Just make sure to keep your product away from hot areas in your home and keep the CBD product out of direct sunlight that may come in through the windows.

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