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Can You Be Allergic To Cannabis?

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Since more and more people are starting to use cannabis whether it is recreational or medicinal, more people are coming forward with allergic reactions to this medicinal plant. From a stuffy nose to anaphylactic shock, you need to be aware of the symptoms to make sure you aren’t medicating with something that your body is rejecting.

Symptoms Of A Cannabis Allergy


  • Red or watery eyes
  • Hay fever
  • A runny nose
  • Congestion
  • Sneezing
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting


  • Itchiness
  • Inflamed or red skin
  • Hives
  • Dry or scaly skin

How Do You Know It’s The Cannabis?

There are a few allergies that can make you more likely to be allergic to cannabis because they have similar protein properties. If you are allergic to tomatoes, peaches, grapefruit, almonds, chestnuts, eggplant, apples, or bananas, you may also be allergic to cannabis. If you don’t have any of these allergies and you find that you are getting symptoms from the plant, there are a few things you should rule out.


Do you have an allergy to mold? If a cannabis product isn’t properly cured or stored, it can develop mold on the plant. The majority of cannabis allergies are due to mold. Even if the cannabis is stored in a seal tight container, it can still develop mold if there are any spores on the plant. People who start getting better quality cannabis usually stop seeing allergenic symptoms.


If you have a pollen allergy, then you might be allergic to the pollen found in the cannabis plant. One of the ways to get around this is using edibles or concentrates because they are less likely to have pollen particles.

Taking It Slow

If you are using cannabis for the first time, it is imperative you start at a low dose and work your way up. This doesn’t just assure that you find the perfect dosage for your ailments, it also helps you find out if you are allergic without putting too much into your system to make the reaction worse.

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