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Can CBD Help With Memory Loss?

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Memory loss can come from degenerative diseases and physical or emotional trauma. Whether it is hitting your head too many times on the football field, experiencing a traumatic event overseas fighting for the freedoms of this country, or developing Alzheimer’s, all of these things can make your memory begin to slip. With the current research on how CBD effects the brain, can CBD oil help with memory loss?

Your memory comes from your limbic system, more specifically, the hippocampus. Cannabidiol (CBD) has shown in studies to have neurogenesis properties, which may be able to help with memory loss issues due to damage to the limbic system.

What Causes Memory Loss

Studies have shown that people who suffer from memory loss have damage to their hippocampus. This includes PTSD, Alzheimer’s, brain trauma, drug abuse, and other neurodegenerative diseases. Damage to the hippocampus can do more than make your memory begin to fade; it can also hinder your spatial navigation and emotional control.

How CBD May Help

Scientists believe that CBD may be able to help with mood and memory disorders because of its ability to repair cells in the hippocampus. They found that when giving rodent models CBD, they found that the proliferation of cells was increased in the hippocampus thanks to the CB1 cannabinoid receptor activation, which also provided antianxiety effects.

The CB1 cannabinoid receptor is located all over the body, but it is mostly found in the brain. This cannabinoid receptor helps to mediate neurological functions by binding to the endocannabinoid anandamide. In the previous study mentioned, they found that anandamide levels were high in the hippocampus, which leads scientists to believe that anandamide plays a role in neurogenesis. CBD hemp oil elevates the levels of anandamide, which is why it may be a valid treatment option in the future for memory loss.

Talk To Your Doctor

While cannabis has been known to make you forget where you put your keys two seconds ago, these findings show that the cannabinoid CBD may actually help with your memory. If you are having issues with memory loss, talk to your doctor about using CBD. If you decide to take it for memory loss, your doctor can help monitor you closely and make sure that you aren’t mixing the CBD hemp oil with any medications that might cause adverse effects as well as making sure this treatment plan is right for you.

If you have found that your memory loss has become less severe after using medical cannabis like CBD hemp oil, we would love to hear your story in the comment section below!


Sarah Potts

Sarah Potts has been writing about the wonderful benefits of cannabis for CBD Instead since 2017. Medical cannabis has changed her life and her goal is to show others how it might help them as well.


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