What Does WHO Have To Say About CBD?

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported some fantastic news on CBD. They have highlighted several worries that the government has had about the chemical. The main reason CBD has been under such scrutiny is because of its association with THC (even though there is nothing wrong with THC). There is worry that CBD might be addictive, people might start abusing the drug to get high, or it could have harmful effects on the body. WHO has come forward and has finally exterminated the monsters under the DEA’s bed with their findings.

[PDF Of Full Report]

CBD Isn’t Addictive

A lot of medication you take for physical or mental health can cause you to become overdependent on the drug. There is still an ongoing opioid epidemic that could possibly be eradicated just by switching to medical marijuana. WHO has found that CBD has no addictive properties, there are even studies suggesting that CBD can help people get over addiction.

CBD Doesn’t Get You High

One reason people abuse drugs that are meant to help you is because it makes them feel good. They like the escape and the disconnect from reality for a moment. Unfortunately, overdoing this can lead to addiction and depending on the medication it could leave lasting effects on the body and mind. CBD doesn’t give you a euphoric high the same way the other drugs do. There is no “chase” when it comes to CBD, only healing.  

CBD Isn’t Harmful

Of course, there are side effects and risks involved with CBD, just like with Advil or peanut butter. But the risks are far fewer and less severe than the conventional medicines that people use all the time. The majority of the cases where adverse reactions occurred during WHO’s trials was when CBD was mixed with other medication. But CBD oil doesn’t have lasting effects on your mind and body that hinder your ability to live a fulfilling life like many pills seem to do.

 World Health Organization and CBD

This isn’t the first study that has expressed the safety in taking CBD. The cannabis community has been trying to convey the benefits of using medical marijuana over prescription medicine for years. This is a great turning point for the community. If you’re ready to take the next step and try CBD for your ailments or just general health, check out our shop to buy reputable and safe products!


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