What Can We Expect In 2018 For Marijuana?

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2018 is going to be an exciting year for all of us. The new year is a chance to start everything over, set goals, and take the next year by storm. Marijuana has a big year next year, too. These advancements say a lot about where our country is at when it comes towards legalization, and we are pretty excited about most of it.

Autism Study Comes To A Close

In 2018, an Israeli doctor, Dr. Adi Aran, is going to be finishing research on real live human people. This is exciting because it takes years to get from petri dish to Peter. Since last January, he has been conducting preclinical trials on patients from five to 29 with autism. Dr. Aram has included in his study two different types of cannabis oil as well as a placebo. We are excited to see what the results say!

Athletes Can Use CBD Oil

Athletes put their bodies through more in a few months than most of us do our whole lives. Some of them get beaten to a pulp and then go back at it again in a few weeks. Professional athletes can’t afford long recovery times, and it is almost inhumane to make them go through that pain without medication that doesn’t destroy their body. In 2018, athletes will finally have access to using CBD oil.

States Are Looking To Legalize

More states are jumping on the health bandwagon and are looking to legalize the medicinal use of Marijuana for their states. Marijuana activists have been fighting hard to have their voices and the voices of the people be heard and finally someone is listening. Is your state next?

  • Vermont
  • New Jersey
  • Michigan
  • Oklahoma
  • Utah
  • Missouri
  • Virginia

California Is Going Recreational

California is passed the point of medicinal marijuana, and next year they are set to have marijuana legal for recreational use. Many think that this could take a toll on the medicinal sales, but we only want people to take medicine if they need it, right? Using medication as an excuse to use marijuana recreationally further tarnishes the view on marijuana because it is very similar to the pill mill epidemic that was happening with doctors busting out scripts for a stubbed toe. We think this is a great step o separate the two, to help people understand it’s okay to use it recreationally and medically!

Texan Activists Are Getting Ready For The 2019 Vote

Texas is a little farther behind than other states, but the activists in the state are aggressive as ever. This year, they have already begun to give out citations instead of making pointless arrests with their citizens possessing less than four ounces of marijuana, which we think is quite reasonable at this point in the legalization process. This was also the first year that a bill that would decriminalize marijuana even made it to the Texas House. It didn’t get passed, but it shows the progression happening in such a conservative state. Unfortunately, they have to wait until 2019 for another try, but in 2018 the marijuana activists in Texas will be going full force towards a brighter future for their society.

The DEA Is Reducing The Amount Of Marijuana Researchers Will Get

Previously, the DEA promised to break down some barriers that keep researchers from having multiple sources to find good quality marijuana to do research on. Unfortunately, there is only one location that they are permitted to use, which this year sent moldy weed to researchers that they couldn’t use. In 2018, they won't be making their promise, however, they will be taking action. They will be reducing the amount of marijuana required to grow for research purposes, which just makes it even harder for us weed warriors to find hard evidence of the plant we are so passionate about.

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