4 Signs Your Pet May Have Arthritis

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Just like humans, animals can also develop arthritis. But unlike humans, they can’t tell you with words that their joints are hurting. Pets do have a way of communicating with us if we pay close enough attention. If your pet is showing these signs, they may have arthritis.

1. Losing Energy

If your pet usually comes running when you put food in the bowl, and they now seem unamused by food, it could be that moving is painful. If you have a rodent pet that has retired from the wheel that used to bring them hours of joy, this could be a sign that they are developing a painful condition. If your pet is refusing to move and spends more time lying around the house than usual, this is a good indication that you need to take them to the vet because they might have arthritis.

2. Limping Or Aggression

You might notice that your animal isn’t putting a lot of weight on their back or front paws. When you try to touch them, your pet may become aggressive because they don’t like to be touched where they are hurt. This could be a sign of injury or developing arthritis, both of which should be diagnosed by a veterinarian.

3. Joints Are Swelled Or Warm

If you can get your paws on their paws, you might feel that they have become swollen or warm to the touch. Injury and conditions like arthritis often make the affected area warmer than the surrounding skin. This is a huge sign that this could be arthritis and your pet needs help.

4. Losing Muscle

Arthritis can cause muscle atrophy in pets, making their limbs thinner than average. This is because they have discontinued using the muscle which makes it lose mass. If your pet starts to look slim in their legs, it could be an indication that they have arthritis.

What Do You Do?

The first thing you need to do whenever your pet is unwell is take them to the vet. You need to rule out all other illnesses that could be causing your animal discomfort. CBD treats and honey sticks can help with your pet’s arthritis, but always have your vet in the know of what medication you are giving your pet. They can help you monitor your pet’s health and find out the best possible treatment plan.

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