CBD Dog Treats

Did you know that our furry family members that we hold so dear can also benefit from CBD? And now it is easier than ever to medicate your pup!

There are conventional pills if your dog is the type to eat everything around her, just put it inside a treat and let the CBD do the rest. For the finicky pup, there are also tinctures and oral spray. Just put the dose directly in their mouth, or you can even drop the tincture into their water or food.

You can get hemp CBD dog treats in a variety of flavors: Bacon, Salmon, and Chicken. There's also a quality selection of CBD oil for pets available in spray or tincture form - in original, peppermint and vanilla flavors!

All CBD products are safe for dogs of all sizes, and you can even use it on your cats! Any mammal with a spine can benefit from CBD medications.