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The Unnecessary Stigma On Parents Using Cannabis

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How many times have you gone to a restaurant and seen a beautiful family of four, and the parents are having a glass of wine or beer? Did you run over to them and tell them how terrible of a parent they are because they are consuming alcohol around children? Why does our society feel the need to do this with parents who utilize cannabis? Yes, there are differences between alcohol and marijuana, but those differences just point out how much better marijuana can potentially be as the nation’s method of winding down and having fun.

Is it so different? Well, yes. But not in the way that seems to be thought by those left behind in this progressive rapture. Someone can have a beer with their meal when kids are around, but for some reason, it’s the end of the world when a parent lights up a joint at the end of a workday. This stigma doesn’t just stay with THC, considering that CBD is associated with the marijuana plant; parents are even hiding in the closet about using things like CBD lotions.

Why We Drink

Many people drink to have a good time, take the edge off life, or some people genuinely just enjoy the taste of a beer with their dinner. When you drink, you’re altering your functionality. So much that people have died and killed others from getting behind the wheel after just a few drinks. The effects alcohol has on your body is all negative. Yeah, you might get more charismatic and increase your social circle, but you're hurting your body. Yet, parents can fill their twitter feeds with #happyhour without a care in the world.

Why We Smoke

Why do people smoke? Firstly, there are recreational users. They come home from a stressful day at work and just want to wind down. The same reason many people drink. The difference is that recreationally using marijuana doesn’t impair you nearly as much, and it isn’t a toxin to your body. In fact, it may actually help the damage done by alcohol because of CBD.

People also use marijuana for medical reasons. Parents with fibromyalgia shouldn’t suffer in pain just because their neighbors prefer to see them popping pills than smoking a joint. Parents who don’t want to deal with the risks and side-effects of prescription medication shouldn’t be forced to put questionable things in their body. Wouldn’t it be more irresponsible not to make sure you are as healthy as you can be for your children?

So Which Is Better?

The whole point is that as long as you are drinking or smoking responsibly, there should be no problem. If adults can handle their alcohol around their children, there is no reason they cannot responsibly use marijuana and be fit parents. Responsible parents don’t get stoned out of their minds when they have children to take care of, just like responsible parents don’t get blacked out drunk with their kids in the pool.

We are all just trying our best out there, and judging each other along the way is only making it harder. If you’re thinking about using CBD, be sure to stop by our shop today. We have a wide variety of products that fit most comfort levels. Whether you’ve been smoking weed your whole life, or you’ve never even touched it, we’ve got something for you.

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