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How Can CBD Help With Obesity

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At least 130 million Americans suffer from obesity or being overweight. Is that a surprise? With how easily accessible processed foods and desk jobs are, it’s no wonder some of us are putting on some pounds. Stress eating, depression, and poverty also contribute to these problems as well. While CBD oil can’t give you a raise at your job, it can help you lose excess weight.

CBD Can Help You With The Pain That Keeps Your From Exercising

Chronic pain is extremely common with obesity. People tell you just to work out more and go exercise, but they don’t understand that you are in tremendous pain. A nasty cycle of a pain keeping you from exercising which leads to weight gain which leads to even more pain that prevents you from exercising can be easy to get caught up in. A great way to combat this pain is by using CBD.

Cannabidiol can manipulate your sensitivity to pain by elevating the endocannabinoid anandamide. This endocannabinoid binds to your CB1 cannabinoid receptor which controls your sensitivity to pain. The more anandamide you have, the more effective it is in helping you feel relief.

If you have pain in specific areas, using CBD topicals like our CBD ICE gel can help you relieve that pain so you can start an exercise routine. If your pain is all over, try making your own edibles with our CBD Isolate.

You don’t have to start running marathons right away; no one expects you to do that. But getting rid of that pain that is holding you back can help you build up to more strenuous exercise routines.


CBD Can Give You Natural Energy

Being overweight can make you feel lethargic and unable even to do simple tasks like standing to fold laundry. It’s common that people who suffer from obesity also suffer from sleep apnea which can contribute to exhaustion. Taking CBD oil will elevate your anandamide levels which give you a boost in your mood, resulting in more energy. CBD also helps your metabolism use the energy in your body more efficiently, which doesn’t just give you more energy but helps burn off unwanted fat.

CBD Can Help With Stubborn Fat

The process that helps you feel more energy is also what helps you burn more fat. Your body has two types of fat, white and brown. The white fat is what your body uses for storage. It’s essential to a healthy immune system, good looking skin, and protecting you from the world but too much can lead to disease. Brown fat is what your body burns for energy. CBD helps the fat browning process which enables you to burn off that unwanted fat.

CBD Can Help With High Blood Pressure

A standard issue with people who are overweight is that they have high blood pressure. This can lead to a heart attack or stroke, so taking care of this is extremely important. Cannabidiol can help reduce your blood pressure by manipulating the anandamide levels in your brain.

You may feel overwhelmed, like the journey ahead is too long to conquer. But you can do it. Cannabidiol can be that natural boost to gain enough momentum to change your life for good. Be sure to check out our shop and get your CBD products today!

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