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How CBD May Be Able To Treat Thyroid Disease

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In your throat, you have a butterfly-shaped gland at the base of your neck that is your thyroid. It’s most popular function is regulating your metabolic rate, but this little gland has a lot of say in the rest of your body’s health.

CBD And Your Thyroid

When you have thyroid disease, your gland is either over or underactive, creating a long laundry list of health problems. Research indicates that cannabidiol (CBD) could be a valid treatment option to getting your gland regulated so you can live a healthy and happy life.

CBD interacts with the system in your body called the endocannabinoid system. A big element of this system are the cannabinoid receptors which are located all over your body. Scientists discovered that your thyroid gland hosts CB1 and CB2 receptors, which is why we think that cannabis can help treat any irregularity that comes with thyroid disease.

The endocannabinoid system is in charge of regulating your body, and when things go awry, cannabidiol can help regulate the endocannabinoid system. Hemp oil can elevate or inhibit endocannabinoid production which in turn gives more handling on the functions in your body.

Through a process called retrograde signaling, the endocannabinoids can travel backward from the receiving cell to the sending cell in your brain. It transmits a message telling the sending cell to either send out more transmissions because it is underactive or stop overloading the receiving cell because it is overactive.

Cannabinoid receptors have also been found in the hypothalamus’ nucleus. The hypothalamus is what sends signals to the thyroid and giving CBD access to its nucleus means that it can help regulate this function. If it is sending out too many messages, the endocannabinoids binding to the cannabinoid receptors can inhibit the transmission, and if it isn’t sending out enough messages, the endocannabinoids can help stimulate and promote more activity.

If you are wishing to get off of the prescription medication and start using a safer alternative with fewer side-effects, talk to your doctor about the switch. They can help monitor your symptoms and blood work so you can know if your dosage is helping more accurately than just by testing how you are feeling, weighing, or eating. Stop by our shop today and check out our wide range of products to help you get back to a better healthier you!


Sarah Potts


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  • Hi Sharon,
    When it comes to dosing, everyone is different and you need to work to find what works best for you.
    When starting out, you should start off with a low dose to make sure that you aren’t allergic or sensitive to any of the side-effects. After you have determined that you can take CBD, you can gradually raise your dose until you find the amount that gives you the results you have been looking for.
    Hope this has helped
    CBD Instead

    CBD Instead on

  • I would love more information from you in regards to dosage? Graves survivor looking at living again.

    Sharon Bliss on

  • Amanda
    Yes please let me know more about the cbd that is helping you. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid in 2011 after giving birth to my third son. I was doing ok until a traumatic accident in 2014. Since then its been a rollercoaster ride. Now since May I am experiencing more hyperthyroid symptoms than hyperthyroid. Yes I have high amounts of thyroid antibodies and my tsh levels show me to be hypothyroid but the synthoid does not fix this. I will bounce back and forth constantly and I just want to feel like myself and feel happy. I recently drank a bottle of cbd water I sipped it over 3 days. It made me HAPPY and feel normal. Without it I feel unhappy irritable anxious. I’m such a sceptic with cbd as it never worked for me before. But this has worked for me. Should I stop my synthoid or slowly wean off and see results in 6 weeks with labs?

    Jen on

  • Hey Kari,
    The studies on CBD oil and thyroids are still limited. As of now, there is no definitive evidence that CBD oil can help someone without a thyroid. We will keep an eye out for any future studies and be sure to let you know when we have an answer!
    CBD Instead

    CBD Instead on

  • I don’t have a thyroid, can CBD help me. If so what kind

    Kari Henney on

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