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Make Your Wedding Spectacular With Cannabis

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It’s that time of year where the weather will soon be warming up to the perfect temperature for a wedding. Brides and grooms all over the nation are getting their invitations sent out, the caterers locked down, and any last minute arrangements that need to be made. But this year you could do something a little different that can turn out to make your wedding the best anyone’s ever gone to. Turn your open alcoholic bar into a Cannabar.

Why Would I Want Weed At My Wedding?

If you’ve ever set foot in a bar, you know that alcohol can cause problems. Drunk fighting, vomit on the floor, and people making embarrassing memories set the atmosphere. Commonly when we go to weddings, there is an open bar. Of course, this isn’t mandatory for a good wedding, but some couples may think they need it to ensure a good time.

If you want your guests to have a good time, recreational marijuana can have the similar effects as alcohol intoxication without all the mess. The food will taste better, the songs will sound nicer, and everyone feels uplifted but in an “I’m not going to embarrass myself,” kind of way. By having a variety of strains, you can include marijuana that will give your guests the giggles and have deep and enriching conversations amongst themselves.

How Do You Throw A Weed Wedding?


The Budtender

Just like hiring a bartender, you can hire a budtender to help your guests pick the strains that will fit them best. Some people get too anxious with marijuana that is potent with THC, and the budtender can show them options that won't have them paranoid and filled with anxiety.

The Party Favors

Some party favors you get at a wedding are a sweet card with chalk candy that you keep on a shelf at home until enough time has passed for it not to be rude to throw away. Or maybe it's a cute bracelet with your name on it you only wear around the friend who gave it to you. At your wedding, give your guests something they can actually use! By making or buying cannabis edibles, you can send your guests off with a reminder of how awesome your wedding was.

The Center Pieces

Flowers are a beautiful centerpiece to put on your tables during a wedding, but your wedding could have some flowers that take people to another world. Putting different strains on each table will also encourage your guests to socialize and walk around trying out different types of marijuana.

But It’s Illegal Where I Live

You can still have a Cannabar that doesn’t include THC. By using CBD, you can give your guests an uplifting feeling without the high. This can also be a pair to your open bar if you aren’t ready to give that up. Mixing CBD with alcohol can lessen the damage it does to your guest's body as well as making them less intoxicated.

There also may be guests who suffer from social anxiety or chronic pain who are trying to hold it together for your wedding. It’s your big day, and they don’t want to be a bother. You can be doing them a favor by offering something to ease their minds or body.

Never serve marijuana to your guests without their permission. Not everyone feels comfortable with it, and that’s okay. The point isn’t to push this on your loved ones, but to make it available for those who want it. Some medications might also have adverse effects when mixed with marijuana, so make sure that everyone who consumes it knows what they are eating and are well informed.

If you’re thinking about a marijuana wedding or want to learn how to throw one, in April of this year, there will be an expo in San Fransisco teaching couples how to serve marijuana at their ceremony. If you want to have a CBD wedding, CBD honey sticks make great sweet treats, and CBD candies make great party favors. Stop by our shop today to make your wedding better than everyone else’s.


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