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Lady and the Cramps: Try CBD For Your Period Pain

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Periods suck, but they are something that half of the world has to deal with. Some are lucky enough to have a three-day-long light bleed with no pain, while others have a full week monsoon that ties them to their bed and a heating pad. Since CBD is so popular for relieving pain, can CBD hemp oil help with period cramps?

Cannabidiol (CBD), the chemical that comes from the cannabis plant that doesn’t make you high, can help with painful menstrual cramps by reducing inflammation and your sensitivity to pain. By interacting with our endocannabinoid system, CBD elevates chemicals in our brain that help gives us relief throughout the day.

CBD Topicals

You can help relieve some of the pain by rubbing CBD topicals on your abdomen like our Peppermint Soothing CBD salve. Cannabis topicals are absorbed into your skin and get to work right at the source of your pain. You are covered in the cannabinoid receptor CB2 which is the receptor that helps mediate your immune system. The CBD can stimulate these receptors helping the inflammation go down dramatically.

The CBD topicals don’t stop at inflammation; they also may help relieve pain by elevating the endocannabinoid anandamide in your body. Anandamide binds to our CB1 receptors which mediate how much pain we feel.

CBD Pills

Though the CBD topicals come with almost instantaneous relief, you might find that you have to reapply often if your cramps are out of control. Taking CBD Pills like our Hemp Oil CBD Pills can give you relief for longer. If you know the cramps are coming, you can ambush them with some medical cannabis.

Like the topicals, CBD Pills can help reduce inflammation and pain by stimulating the cannabinoid receptors. This method does take longer for it to kick in. However, it can also last for much longer than a salve or balm. When figuring out the dose of CBD for menstrual pain, you always start at the lowest dose possible and gradually increase the amount you take until you get the desired results and be sure to let your doctor know you are taking it.

Mood Swings

We don’t like to talk about mood swings and periods because it’s a bit of a sensitive subject. One of the greatest things about taking CBD orally for your pain is that you get the added benefit of gaining more control over your mood. Your hormones go crazy when you’re on your period which can make you easily upset and drain your energy. CBD can give you a boost of natural energy while also helping you control your mood swings.

If it were up to the uterus owners of the planet, the period would only exist for those who are trying to have children. Unfortunately, whether we want to make babies or not, once a month for the majority of our lives, we bleed for days and can feel excruciating pain. Don’t let periods take over that week of your life and get your CBD today!

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