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Things You Can Put In Your Mental Health Emergency Kit

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Someone who has diabetes might have a bag that has their insulin, a snack, and the supplies they need to monitor their blood sugar. Considering they may not be able to control when they get food in certain situations, these kits can save their life or a trip to the hospital. When it comes to people who struggle with mental health, this emergency kit can be a pretty good idea. Here are just a few ideas of some things that you should keep in your emergency mental health kit that even just having these items within reach may give you peace of mind.


Sometimes you need to escape from the world that is pushing down on you. If you are easily stimulated by your sense, being in a crowded area or around unpleasant noises might trigger you. If you love music, why not trade the negative sound into something more positive? This can help you take a break and give yourself some much-needed music therapy.

Fidget Toys

Fidget toys are things like fidget spinners, stress balls, or anything to keep your hands busy to help with your racing mind. According to studies, fidgeting with things around you can help you focus. Fidgeting may be able to help you block out distractions, help with boredom, and may even be able to help improve your productivity.


As a writer, I cannot express enough how much writing helps the mind. It is something that I have been doing since childhood, and I can tell you first hand it helps me out a lot. But don’t listen to me, science says so, too! Research shows that for those who manage their emotions through expression, expressive writing reduced anxiety levels. And who knows? Maybe you’ll come up with some dark, depressing, beautiful poetry that will make you famous one day.


Do you fall into negative thoughts causing your depression or anxiety disorder to take hold of you? It can be so difficult to get out of it, but writing down positive affirmations that are targeted toward your usual negative train of thought may be able to help. If you start to feel overwhelmed, read these notes to yourself to help get yourself out of that hole.



A lot of emergency kits have Advil, essential oils, and body creams to help with pain, brain fog, anxiety, and other symptoms of mental illness that may become overbearing. But the cool thing about CBD oil is you only have to use one thing to take care of several symptoms.

Using CBD oil in your emergency kit may be able to help with bouts of severe depression, ruminating thoughts, panic attacks, headaches, muscle cramps, and fatigue. We suggest having candy, vapes, or tinctures in the emergency kit because they work more quickly than pills or edibles. If your mental illness causes a rash to flare up, keeping a topical on hand may also grant you quick relief.  

Why Keep A Mental Health Emergency Kit

Having this emergency kit makes it to where you have things that you need in a crisis right there, so you don’t have to go look for it. When you are in the middle of an episode, simply being unable to find something that will help you at first glance is a big enough deterrent to cause you to continue to suffer in your head. If you have a mental health emergency kit, what do you keep inside? We would love to hear what works best for you in the comment section!

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