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Own This Holiday Season By Conquering Holiday Depression With CBD

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As the holiday seasons come around, not everyone has things they can look forward to. Not everyone has fond memories that spark up at first sight of frost on the window. Many people lose loved ones during this time, making the holidays a reminder for the rest of their life what they have lost. It can even start to develop because of financial insecurity, and the scrutiny you might feel over not buying all of the best gifts. Whether you are only depressed during the holidays, or your depression just gets worse this time of year, using CBD oil for your depression can help you get through these next few weeks.

Why We Get Depressed

Holiday Depression

When it comes to the giving season, we can’t help but notice how commercialized it is. Commercials pushing the latest toy, holiday deals to entice the budget consciously, and the ridiculous spending habits of some of the wealthier class are displayed all over social media. This can drive people to search for a perfection that doesn’t exist causing them to fall into a downward spiral of “I’ll never be good enough.” Or the afterthought of how will you handle your debt after forking out al you have?

This is a time of year where everywhere you go you are reminded of what holidays are to come. Christmas trees at the mall, Menorah’s in the grocery stores, and Kinaras in the library. Everywhere you go you think about the next few weeks and what are to come. For some people, these few weeks out of the year were once filled with tragedy. And everytime they step into a Barnes and Noble and see an African Drum circle celebrating Kwanza, they are painfully reminded of events in the past.

How CBD Can Help

This type of depression may not stay forever, or maybe you already suffer and this time of year makes it worse. Studies have been revealing that medical marijuana can help with depression just as efficiently as pharmaceuticals, if not better. The way it does this is by interacting with the endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system regulates our mood by divvying out the right chemicals at the right time. People who are depressed or are suffering from a depressive disorder are not getting the chemicals they need or are getting too much in the wrong places. CBD helps the transmissions between neurons in the brain stay controlled and healthy while elevating healthy organic chemicals that increase your mood like anandamide.

CBD And Depression

If you are trying to avoid being a complete wreck this year, you may want to try our CBD products. If you are taking medications, make sure to read this article to make sure you are safely using cannabis. You can totally own this holiday season, don’t let depression control your life.

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