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Study Shows CBD Is Becoming The Preferred Treatment

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A study was done by the Brightfield Group and HelloMD on medical marijuana use in America. They found that 43% of cannabis consumers who use CBD dominant medication only use cannabis to treat their ailments. 40% of individuals who use CBD only medication don’t return to prescription medications as well. And why are they switching? What could this medicinal herb possibly have to offer that others do not? Plenty.

CBD Is At Least As Effective If Not More

When surveying hemp oil users, 66% of them reported that CBD is more efficient than medications they were using for their symptoms. When asking participants why they take CBD, the majority of the responses highlighted CBD’s ability to provide the best medical relief.

People Are Taking Fewer Pills

One reason people are switching to CBD is because of its wide range of healing benefits. For those who have to take multiple medications, CBD can cut back on some of their routines by healing and treating more than one thing at once.

Opting Out Of Risky Side-Effects

Prescription medication and over-the-counter medicines can come with some hefty side effects that are more common than what should be comfortable. Patients with depression going through the trial and error of finding the right medication have the risk of worsening their suicidal thoughts making the process lethal. CBD acts as a regulator, knowing what the brain needs, eliminating the risky procedure to finding an antidepressant.

Weight Changes

One of the most common side effects that prescription medications have is unhealthy weight changes. Whether underweight or overweight, it is still just as harmful. CBD helps regulate the metabolism, eliminating any risks of weight change.

Before making any changes to your medication, make sure to talk with your doctor. They know your specific problems better than anyone else. Once you’ve become educated and had the proper discussions, check out our shop to start your journey to a cleaner bill of health.

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