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Back To School Troubles And CBD

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It’s that time of year again where you stock up on Kleenex, composition books and coffee. School is in session and whether you are sending the little ones off to a day of learning or you are taking classes yourself, you probably have a plan to make this year the best yet. One thing that you should consider adding to your list of tools to make this year go off without a hitch is some CBD oil.

CBD hemp oil is great for going back to school because it can help with many issues that arise as the year progresses. With tests, bullies, and pounds of homework, school can become a burden on you or your children’s mental health. But when you add CBD to the mix, it might make this year a whole lot easier.


How CBD Can Help With School

Test Taking And Anxiety

Many school programs are so focused on tests that teachers are noticing the grownup anxiety developing in their younger students. Kids as young as nine are unable to sleep or eat because they have so much pressure put on them to succeed in the way the school system deems most appropriate. They may be acing their in-class work or getting good marks on their homework, but none of that matters if their test scores aren’t high.

This type of thinking doesn’t change once you hit college, it just gets worse. I had a course my first year in college where the entire grade was based on three large tests, so if you weren’t a good test taker, you were out of luck.

The way our school system works, you find out at an early age whether or not you perform well under pressure. Unfortunately, anxiety disorders exist regardless of how old you are. Sometimes people who take tests can study all night and then the moment the paper is in front of them they completely blank like a deer in headlights.

While many people may see taking a test as something that gives them anxiety, some people experience anxiety that is almost debilitating. Constant thoughts are rushing into their head about how they won’t succeed or how hard the test will be. Unable to hold on to simple concepts they studied the night before because they can’t focus on anything but anxiety. CBD oil may be able to help if this sounds familiar.

CBD oil reduces anxiety by helping to calm down the overactivity in the brain. On a day of a big test, just taking a few drops of CBD oil may be able to help you focus because your thoughts aren’t running a mile a minute.

Bullies And Emotional Issues

Our society is in a weird climate where bullying is both glorified and condemned, and it isn’t just happening in grade school. It doesn’t really matter how old you are; bullies exist everywhere even in the workplace. Just like in at work, in school, it can become distracting and make accomplishing any work feel almost impossible.

Bullying can cause someone to lose self-esteem and develop emotional issues. These emotional issues can turn into full-blown mood disorders like depression. While CBD oil can’t give you or your child a healthy self-esteem, it can help with mood disorders that make coping mechanisms hard to accomplish.

In-Class Assignments And Concentration

When you or your child are in class, do you or they have a hard time focusing on the material? ADHD can start at a very young age, one of the main symptoms being the inability to concentrate. While getting distracted is a common part of growing up and learning how to pull your focus, when it becomes so debilitating that common tips and tricks don’t work you may need a little extra help.

ADD and ADHD have changes in the brain that are associated with anxiety disorders. Cannabidiol has shown in studies that it may have the ability to help with the hyperactivity as well as the overall ability to focus.

Homework And Motivation

Homework is given to kids to help them figure out if they retained the information they learned in class and it is a way to help them build self-discipline by doing the work without someone hovering over them. Some teachers might get carried away with the load making it even more stressful for kids to live their normal lives, but lucky students get good teachers who understand the concept of balance.

One issue that children, teens, and adults can run into when it comes to homework is the motivation to do it. Yes, you know that if you don’t do it, you will get a bad grade. If you wait until last minute, your work won't be that great. You don’t want to be that person who just coasts through school with average grades and high stress, but the motivation do to it just isn’t there.

Depression can cause this lack of motivation, and it can start at any age. Depression makes it hard to make these crucial decisions that make our future easier. But taking CBD may be able to help dig you or your child out of that depression and learn what it is to be motivated to do well.

Social Life And Social Anxiety

Making new friends is one of the best parts about school. You are thrown into a big barrel of all different kinds of people and have the opportunity to make long lasting friendships and learn how to navigate through social life. But this is an absolute nightmare scenario for those who have social anxiety.

Social anxiety can make school look like the burning fires of hell waiting for torment and torture. So many eyes that can be looking at you, so much judgment, and it doesn’t help that bullying is such a common thing among our species. You or your kid might try to find excuses not to even go to school just so you can avoid being trapped in a building full of strangers, especially if an oral report is due.

CBD oil has shown that it may help tremendously with social anxiety, including the public speaking aspect of it. CBD calms down the fear response that is overactive in a brain plagued by social anxiety, making judgment, criticism, and glances from others less of a threat. Taking CBD oil the morning before speaking in front of the class may also help with those anxious jitters.


Sleep is extremely important for the growing mind and body. Your brain also learns best when well rested, making it imperative that you take care of yourself in order to succeed. If you or your child have high stress because of school, it can make falling asleep feel almost impossible and when you do, waking up often can also be a problem.

Cannabidiol has shown in studies that it may be able to help people who have sleepless nights or find themselves tossing and turning throughout the night. CBD acts as a wake-promoting agent, giving you or your child a feeling of clean energy and an uplifted mood throughout the day. It also may regulate the sleep cycle, making the body feel tired when it is time for bed. During sleep, CBD has shown to promote the REM stage which is when the body is in its deepest sleep and undergoing repair.

Getting Help

If you or your child’s school stress comes from a learning disability like autism, ADHD, or intellectual disability, normal coping mechanisms that may work for other classmates may not work out so well for you or your kid. Depression and anxiety can make it difficult to focus in and out of the classroom as well, making you or your child feel inadequate in comparison to other classmates. When the brain processes the world differently, it can make learning a challenge because not everyone can learn at the same pace or with the same methods.

While cannabidiol may be able to make these learning disabilities more manageable alongside helping with anxiety and depression, medicine alone is very rarely the one-size-fits-all-quick-fix cure. Taking medicine is more of a tool than a solution in many cases. Painkillers don’t fix the problem; they just make the pain go away making physical therapy or living life easier. The same concept goes for medication when it comes to many mental health issues.

Taking CBD hemp oil in tandem with seeing a doctor may give you better results than just the CBD oil alone. When you have a good relationship with a doctor, they can help you monitor you or your child’s symptoms. If you decide to try CBD, they can also help determine whether or not it will interfere with any other medication as well as make sure that it is working the way that it is supposed to.

A doctor isn’t the only person who can help people who have learning disabilities or emotional issues in school, getting a tutor is also a great way to get someone on one time with someone who knows the material and can help you or your child grasp the work. You can find a tutor who is familiar with working with anxious kids or kids with autism so they can tailor their tutoring sessions to you or your child’s needs.


Do you have any back to school tips? We would love to hear about it in the comment section!

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