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Holiday Recipes Using CBD

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One of the best ways to take CBD oil is by putting it into your food! This is an excellent method for people who can’t take pills or have pain somewhere along their digestive system. The CBD is absorbed through the stomach and dispersed through the bloodstream, giving you relief throughout most of the day. Here are some recipes you can use for the holidays to have a more festive method of taking medication.

3 Layer Red Velvet Cake

The Cannabist has a delicious red velvet cake for bakers who know their way around the kitchen. Create this delightful moist delicacy with the use of CBD oil or making your own with CBD tinctures.


Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is the perfect drink for cold nights and warm families. And now you can make your own that is better than everyone else’s, and even add CBD! Check out MGBfood’s recipe for hot chocolate that will impress your friends and relatives.


Strawberry Dressing

Cannabinoid Creations has a sweet and savory strawberry dressing to top your strawberry shortcakes or angel food cake or anything you want to smother in delicious strawberry.


Balsamic Dipping Oil

Having a classy gettogether with minimalistic themes? If you don’t want to have a flashy desert, this balsamic and oil dipping sauce is perfect for the occasion. Herb has a recipe for this dipping oil that could give Italian restaurants a run for their money.


Mashed Potatoes

You can’t have an American holiday meal without mashed potatoes. Potatoes are the greatest thing to come from the ground since marijuana. Mass Roots has this fantastic recipe that will help you create the best dish on the table.


If you have friends and family over for a meal, do not feed them CBD edibles without their consent. Really, don't do anything to someone without their permission when it comes to making decisions for someone like choosing to take CBD or not. If they are taking medication, it could have an unfortunate interaction with CBD. There are also side effects that impact a small percentage, but you never want to risk someone else’s health. If your guests are well informed and are completely okay with eating food with CBD in it, that is your time to shine. Make sure to have some non-CBD foods around for those who do not wish to participate.

Most of these recipes can be made with our CBD tinctures, however, some of them call for a lot of oil or butter. The most cost-effective way to make a large batch is by buying CBD isolate instead. Check out our shop and don’t forget to sign up for our rewards program so your loyalty can save you some money!

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