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5 Delicious CBD Appetizers

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One great think about CBD is that you can put it into delicious food. They are a great way to have a calm and uplifted mood while fighting hard to reach pain. If you are hanging out and having beers, these appetizers can help reduce the damage that the alcohol will have on your body. If you are recreationally using marijuana, this type of appetizer can help people who have gotten too high or need to go home. For whatever reason you use these recipes, do not ever feed someone CBD without their consent.

Canna Butter

For these recipes, you need cannabutter. You might not want to use the actual herb, but instead, use pure CBD so you don’t get high from the appetizers. To make your CBD cannabutter, the best product to buy is the CBD isolate.

Measure how many milligrams you need with a scale that can weigh .000, adding even more zeroes is okay to gain more accuracy but not necessary. To know how much is going to be in each bite, you have to use a little math.

Since these are appetizers, you can measure out how much butter goes into each appetizer item. Let’s say you have 25 appetizers and two ounces of butter with 500 milligrams of CBD. You would divide 500 by 2, which would give you 250. Divide that 250 into 25, you have 10. This makes 10 milligrams of CBD in each appetizer.

Canna-Stuffed Loaded Baked Potatoes

Laurie Wolf at the Cannabist has a delicious loaded baked potato recipe. She loves it because of how cheap and easy it is to do. Her preferred topping is delicious crispy bacon, but you can top it with any protein of your choice!

Infused Queso Dip

David Michaels has cannabis-infused seasoned queso dip. This recipe calls for a special cannabis milk, which can be made easily with CBD. Here is a recipe for cannabis milk where you can substitute the marijuana buds for CBD isolate. This queso is rich and delicious, perfect for any shindigs in the future.

CBD Popsicles

Original Weed Recipes has an easy to do popsicle recipe that is perfect for a hot day, or for people who have difficulty eating or taking medication. This recipe calls for cannabis coconut oil, which can be made the same way you make CBD butter.

Artichoke Dip

This cannabis-infused artichoke dip by Corinne Tobias is delicious and healthy! She loves it because it is also a vegan recipe as well as cannabis friendly. For the cannabis oil, you can infuse vegetable oil with CBD just the way you would with butter.

Canna Hummus

Leafly has a vegan appetizer that everyone can enjoy, cannabis-infused hummus! It’s another recipe that’s easy to do, and they even have dipping options that go with it perfect. This appetizer is jam-packed with protein, a great snack to get you started if you are considering going vegan or vegetarian.



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