The Most Cost-Effective Way To Use CBD

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Cannabidiol (CBD), like most medications, can get pretty expensive the more that you need. There are many ways to be money conscious when it comes to medicating, it just takes a little extra work. If you think about it, if you take more than 50mg a day it can make your bill reach several hundred dollars a month. If you’re a baller on a budget, then you might want to think about isolates.

CBD isolate can be made into pills, edibles, topicals, sprays, balms, wax, and anything in between. It is the purest form of CBD and is the foundation of the products that you see online. Getting CBD isolate is like picking up the 24-pack instead of getting a single bottle of soda at the corner store. It’s more expensive when it comes to the individual purchase, however, in the long run, you save money like any bulk purchasing.

What Do You Do With Isolate?


You can go online and buy pills that you can fill with the isolate powder. They have colored pills and clear pills, the colored ones will help preserve the CBD for longer. You’re also going to need a scale that measures milligrams (.001) and a small scooper. The pill size depends on how much you need to take.


Over Herb

If you are smoking marijuana and you would like to add CBD to it, isolate can be vaped and smoked. You can sprinkle it in with your wax with each dab or over each bowl. Use a scooper to carefully sprinkle a small amount of isolate onto whatever you are smoking, and it’s as easy as that.


If you make your own lotions, you can add CBD to your recipe. The way you measure the dosage is by taking the milliliter volume of the lotion and divide it by the amount of milligrams you are putting into the recipe. This will tell you how many milligrams you have per milliliter.


You can make your own tinctures with CBD isolate, just make sure you use the correct oils and binders, so the CBD doesn’t recrystallize. Coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil will work.  Put the content in the dropper and run it under warm water and shake to make the mixture. Or you can pour it all into a pot and heat it and stir the contents together. Just make sure whenever you put heat to CBD it stays under 356°.

E-Cigarette Juice

You can even make your own e-cigarette juice. If you’re making your own juice, make sure you are using PG or alcohol-based flavors, not VG or water. If you are using PG juice, make sure to boil all of the water out of it so the CBD can bind with the juice on a hot plate or if you don’t have one, carefully in a pot. Once the water is boiled, let it cool to about 160°-165° and add the flavors, CBD, and nicotine if you need it and stir it all together until it is thoroughly mixed.


There are plenty of cost-effective ways to use CBD, don’t let price be the reason you don’t improve your quality of life. Check out our shop to see what we have to offer for isolates and if this is all too much work we have plenty of ready to take medication as well.

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