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How Do You Take CBD For Pain?

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Are you looking into taking CBD oil for your pain? There are several ways you can go about it, but it depends on what you are looking for when it comes to relief. There are ways you can get relief quickly, but you sacrifice the longevity of the effects. So if you know what you need, here is how you tale CBD oil for pain.

Why Are Some Methods Different?

You have a process in your body called the first-pass metabolism. This is what digests your medication when you take it orally, helping to distribute it throughout your bloodstream. However, the medication has to go through a pilgrimage through your body, being digested by stomach acids and broken down by the liver which can reduce potency, but this method generally keeps the effects lasting longer.

There are ways you can avoid the first-pass metabolism. When inhaling or absorbing medication in your mouth, the CBD oil gets into your bloodstream without going through the rigorous digestive process. The only downfall of this heightened potency is that these methods generally don’t last as long.

Quick Relief

Do you need relief, like, yesterday? Do you have time to re-dose as long as you can get rid of this pain? These products might be a right fit for you:

Long Lasting Relief

Do you not have time to re-dose or maybe you don’t feel comfortable taking drops or vaping in public? Do you need something that is going to last all day, so you don’t have to worry about the pain? Try these products.


Well, I bet you didn’t know you had this option! If you want the best of both worlds, these products have the ability to work quickly and last for long periods of time.

When just starting with CBD oil, it is always a good idea to start at the lowest dose possible to see how you react. While adverse reactions are rare, they can still happen. After a few days of a low dose, you can slowly start to raise it. CBD oil is dose dependent which means too much or too little won’t be as effective. So raising the dose slowly is one of the best ways to find the perfect amount for you.

If you want to take CBD oil for pain, make sure to let your doctor know. They can help you find the best dose and monitor how your body reacts to the medication. CBD oil can also interfere with certain medications, so having your doctor in the loop is the safest route when trying a new medication, even when it is as safe as CBD oil.


Sarah Potts

Sarah Potts has been writing about the wonderful benefits of cannabis for CBD Instead since 2017. Medical cannabis has changed her life and her goal is to show others how it might help them as well.


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