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How To Dab CBD

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You don’t have to be an expert stoner to use an oil rig and marijuana concentrates. It can be a little intimidating, but with the right tools and know how you can do it. CBD concentrates like oil and wax are amazing because they are pure CBD and hit you fast like e-cigarettes and hard like suppositories. If you need to get quick and strong relief, consider investing in the equipment to use CBD oil concentrates.


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The Rig

The first thing you need is an oil rig. This is like a bong, but instead of putting a bowl that holds herb, there is a piece that you heat up and put the oil or wax on. If you have a bong where the bowl attachment is parallel to the bong instead of angling into the water,  you don’t need to go and buy a new rig because you already have one!

Bangers and Nails

The two types of equipment that you are going to need to buy for your rig are bangers and nails. Titanium nails get hot quickly, but don’t retain their heat for long. They are also generally more expensive. Quartz bangers take longer to heat up but keep the heat for longer. These are cheaper and more vulnerable to breaking when dropped.


To get the wax or oil on to the nail or banger, you’re going to need the dabber tool. It is usually a long and skinny metal piece that you use to scrape and hold the concentrate and then rub the CBD on the inside of the nail or banger.

Dab Holder

Depending on the concentrates that you get, you may want to move them to a silicone container. This helps you not waste as much because you can scrape the living daylights out of silicone until every particle of CBD is gone.

A Dome

Sometimes you can get a dome that goes around your nail, and sometimes your dabber piece can have a dome attached for you to cover your banger. If you can’t inhale all of the vapor in one rip, you don’t want any of it wasted. What the dome does is keeps the vapor from escaping so you can have every bit of it in your lungs.


You can’t just use a lighter and hold it under a banger for three hours. You need a torch that pushes out high temperatures to get the nail or banger to be at the right temperature to vape the CBD oil concentrates.

How To Dab

How Much Is Enough?

When you are just starting with CBD concentrates. It’s best to start as low as you can. You still want to be able to see the oil and wax on your dabber, but you don’t want a booger-sized chunk just yet. You’ll realize if you need more if you’ve had enough within minutes, helping the learning process go along quickly.

How Do You Dab?

Now, this is what you’re probably here for. You have all of the equipment, and you’re ready just to get started already. The first thing you’re going to do is get your dab ready. Use your dabber and get a little bit of wax or oil on it and set it to the side without letting the oil or wax slide off.

The next thing you’re going to do is heat up your nail or banger with the torch. It doesn’t take long, but it is faster with a titanium nail than a quartz banger. If you spend more than 45 seconds heating up your nail or banger, you might make it too hot. You don’t want the oil or wax to burn too hot, so keeping it below that second count is your best bet. Just like learning the dose you need, learning how hot it needs to be for your specific rig will take some trial and error. But 45 seconds is an excellent time to put the torch down.

When the nail or banger is hot, you take the dabber and spread the wax and oil on the walls until it is entirely off of your dabber while inhaling. It will continue to vaporize the wax and oil which is why you then use the dome to keep the vapors in while you finish smoking the CBD.

DO NOT TOUCH THE BANGER OR NAIL AFTER SMOKING! It will be scorching, and just let it sit to the side and cool down. Make sure extremely flammable things aren’t in contact with the super hot nail or banger.

If you have all of your equipment, you’re just missing the wax or oil, take a look at our shop. We have clean and pure CBD that can help you with whatever ailment is pushing you in the direction of medical marijuana.

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