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Get Quick Relief with this CBD Wax

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CBD concentrates are taking the world by storm with how quickly and effectively they are helping people with their chronic symptoms. From poor focus to chronic pain, CBD wax is a great way to get CBD into your system fast and get relief as soon as possible. If you have never used a concentrate before, this might be exactly what you’ve been needing.

About This CBD Wax

This CBD wax comes from Hemp Hookahzz who uses all natural high-strain CBD hemp oil. They use the CO2 extraction producing more than five times the CBD industry’s milligram average. There are no synthetic ingredients added to this wax or toxic vapors that could harm you, the people around you, or your environment.

How do You Use CBD Wax?

CBD wax can’t be put in an e-cig, and you shouldn’t really eat it. You can without getting sick, but it would be a waste. What you do with concentrates like CBD wax is you dab them. This isn’t that dance where you shove your face into your elbow; it’s getting healthy with equipment.

Things You Need to Dab

Dab Rig

This is what you smoke out of. It can be a cannabis water pipe (also known as a bong), or it can be a specially designed piece that is meant for cannabis concentrates. They also have pens that you can put wax into, and you don’t need a banger or torch if you have one.

Nail or Banger

You are going to need a piece that you heat and put the wax in. A nail is made of metal and heats up quickly but also cools down quickly. A banger is usually made out of quartz and will take longer to heat up but will retain heat for longer.

A Dabber

That’s you! Just kidding. A dabber is a scraping utensil that you used to put the wax on the nail or banger.

A Torch

You can get a regular Crème Brulee torch for this, but we are now in the future, and they have torches that let you set the temperature. You do not want to exceed 400  ͦwhen dabbing to keep you healthy.

To get a better look at exactly how to dab and use concentrates, check out this article!

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