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Does CBD Contain THC?

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Cannabis use is still a new thing for many people. Even though its popularity is skyrocketing across all different types of medical needs, people still have fundamental questions that sometimes go unanswered. One question that is far too common is whether or not CBD contains THC.

Same Plant, Different Chemicals

Some people are under the impression that when they are taking CBD, somehow, they are also going to get THC in their system. This is not the case! THC and CBD are two different compounds, both of which are found in the cannabis plant. THC is the only cannabinoid in cannabis that will get you high, and it is the only one that will show up on drug tests.

What Is The Difference Between THC And CBD?

THC acts differently in your body because it directly binds to the cannabinoid receptors while CBD elevates chemicals that already exist in your body called endocannabinoids. Both CBD and THC have healing properties, but CBD doesn’t make you high. This is why scientists are starting to look so closely at CBD.

Can You Get THC In CBD Oil?

CBD products can contain THC when using full plant extracts from the marijuana plant. But when you get full plant extract from the hemp plant, you are excluding the cannabinoid THC. Hemp does contain a small amount of THC, but not enough to where you feel it, can get intoxicated off of it, or for it to show up on drug tests. The legal limit that CBD companies abide by is .03% of THC, which is almost nonexistent.

Where Can You Find CBD With No THC?

When it comes to the products we display, every item comes from the hemp plant to ensure that it is legal in all fifty states. We have full plant hemp oil as well as CBD isolates, both of which having less the legal limit of THC. So if you are worried about needing medication that could cost you your job, you don’t have to worry when it comes to CBD oil.

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