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Benefits Of Essential Oils

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When you scroll through our products in our shop, you may notice that some of the items like salves or bath salts are also made with essential oils. While we love to focus on the healing potential of CBD oil, the benefits behind these essential oils are just as exciting.  

While studies may be limited when it comes to the benefit of essential oils, there is still evidence of anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, and relaxation properties. Considering how much in common essential oils and CBD oil have, it’s no wonder so many products are using them together.

Why are Essential Oils Put in CBD Products

If you are new to the cannabis community, you may not have noticed how we prefer nature in most cases yet. Natural doesn’t always mean better in every situation, but there are many instances where it might be a better option.

When it comes to natural medicine, the goal isn’t always to replace traditional medicine. In fact, many natural remedies compliment prescription medications. However, prescription medication isn’t always the answer for everyone, and some people would rather do without the side-effects which is why they turn to more natural solutions.

This isn’t to say that essential oils don’t have side-effects. For instance, high doses of sage in aromatherapy can cause seizures. If someone has a bad reaction to tea tree oil, they can break out in a rash. While most side-effects are caused by either an allergic reaction or a concentrated high dose, you should still be aware of the possibilities.

When taking CBD hemp oil, you are granted access to a long list of potential health benefits. One of the reasons this chemical has become so popular is because of how well tolerated it is at high doses and how diverse the benefits are. The essential oils that are added to CBD oil products are carefully chosen to compliment CBD in a way that gives you the most relief.

Healing Benefits of Essential Oils


Arnica oil is a fan favorite for people who are active. Studies have shown that it can help reduce swelling as well as prevent pain and bruising. This oil is especially beneficial to the elderly community because of its potential to relieve arthritis. Arnica oil may also be able to help fight bacterial infections and increase circulation in the treated areas.


This oil is probably the most fun to say. Jojoba oil is made from the liquid that comes from the Simmondsia chinensis plant. One reason this oil is used in so many products is that it enhances the absorption of topical medications. Jojoba oil has also shown in studies to have potent anti-inflammatory effects.


Argan oil has been used by Moroccan women for centuries and has made its way into cosmetic products all over the world. Studies have shown this essential oil may be able to help with aging and damaged skin acting as an antioxidant. This oil may also be able to help to smooth skin by treating pimples and encouraging healthy and soft skin.

Blood Orange

Blood oranges are rich in vitamin C which is a potent antioxidant and help with collagen production. Vitamin C can also help fight against UV ray damage. Blood orange essential oil has also shown in studies to have anti-inflammatory properties as well as effectively fight bacteria.

Balsam Fir

Balsam fir comes from a tree commonly used for Christmas trees. Scientists believe that this essential oil may have tumor-fighting properties that could aid in cancer treatment. This oil is great for your skin, helping with the following skin problems and injuries:

  • Burns
  • Cracks
  • Cuts
  • Eczema
  • Sores
  • Rashes
  • Wounds


Majoram is a member of the mint family and is very similar to oregano. Studies have shown that this essential oil may be effective in fighting pain and inflammation. This oil may also be able to help with anti-aging by being a potent antioxidant helping to fight off free radicals. While there need to be more definitive studies, this essential oil may also have anticancer properties.


Wintergreen is an oil that closely resembles over-the-counter aspirin. It is effective in helping with certain pains involved in your bones and muscles. There may be additional skin benefits to this essential oil, but there is more studying needed to confirm.


Clove has shown in studies to be a potent antimicrobial, fighting both fungus and bacteria. Researchers believe that clove can be used as a topical before injecting a needle to help reduce pain scores. Clove oil has also suggested that it may act as a potent antioxidant.


Oregano isn’t just good for eating; it has also shown in studies to have antiviral properties. Oregano may also enhance the healing process your body goes through when experiencing a bacterial infection.


Turmeric is a great essential oil for your skin that helps with a variety of issues. Studies have shown that it may be able to help with osteoporosis pain, reduce skin irritation, and it may reduce inflammation, but more definitive studies are needed to confirm.


Cassia comes from yummy cinnamon sticks. Studies have shown that it has pain-relieving properties and may be a strong disinfectant. While the studies are lacking, cassia may also be able to help with itching, burning, and hives.


Camphor was once used during the black plague to help offer an aroma as well as used in embalming fluid. But this essential oil does more than just smell nice. Like jojoba, this essential oil has shown to be a skin penetration enhancer.  When used as a topical, camphor has shown that it may have insecticidal, anti-microbial, antivirus, and anticancer properties. One of the most interesting discoveries is that camphor may help prevent unwanted lactation.


Frankincense comes from dried tree sap from the Boswellia genus. This sweet smelling essential oil is often used for aromatherapy, but it may be good for your skin, too. Studies have shown that frankincense may be able to help fight inflammation, cancer, and help reduce pain.

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil doesn’t come from the same leaves that make drinking tea; it comes from the leaves of a small tree called Melaleuca alternifolia. Tea tree oil can be used on your face for acne, help fight bacterial infections, or reduce symptoms of skin conditions like ringworm.


Seasons greetings! Ilex comes from the infamous holly plant. Ilex is great for your skin promoting collagen synthesis and acting as a potent antioxidant which can help you fight the symptoms of aging skin. Ilex has also shown in studies to be an effective tool in treating pain.


Peppermint has thought to help with IBS when ingested, but there are some topical benefits, too. Peppermint has shown that it may be able to help with tension headaches as a topical. Using peppermint for skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis can help to reduce the itching.

Clary Sage

Clary sage is a very neglected essential oil when it comes to studies compared to other oils like lavender. But scientists believe it may have some potential. Clary sage may be able to help with the following:

  • Bacterial infections
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Muscle stiffness and cramps
  • Regulate oil production in the skin


Bergamot comes from the rind of a fruit that may be a hybrid between lemons and oranges giving it a citrus smell. Topically, bergamot may be able to help with inflammation and pain. Many have used this oil to help with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. This essential oil also has potential cancer-fighting properties.


Jasmine has shown it may be an effective aromatherapy tool in treating depression. Studies have also suggested that it is an anti-bacterial and can help you with relaxation. Jasmine may be able to help with moisturizing your skin and relieving pain, but more studies are needed to confirm.

Ylang Ylang

Like jasmine, ylang ylang may be able to help to treat stress and depression in patients through aromatherapy. An interesting study of nurses also suggested that ylang ylang may be able to help boost someone’s perceived self-esteem.


Geraniums are a beautiful sweet-scented flower that offers an essential oil that may have several health benefits. Studies have shown that it may be able to help reduce inflammation as well as fight off bacterial and fungal infections.


Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils both in consumers and scientists. Studies have shown that lavender may be able to help with the following through either topical use or aromatherapy:

  • Relaxation
  • Inflammation
  • Pain
  • Mood stabilization

CBD and Essential Oils

One of the cool things about CBD oil is that it also helps with all of the things that essential oils have to offer. By using both essential oils and CBD oil, you may be able to have an enhanced effect that is more beneficial. Stop by our shop today to find the best relief for you!

Sarah Potts

Sarah Potts has been writing about the wonderful benefits of cannabis for CBD Instead since 2017. Medical cannabis has changed her life and her goal is to show others how it might help them as well.


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