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The Power Behind CBD Suppositories

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There are so many effective ways to take CBD oil and suppositories shouldn’t be forgotten. It shares characteristics of many different methods and can be the perfect medium you are looking for.

Avoids The First Pass Effect

When you swallow a pill, it has to get digested. It’s common for people to need more milligrams in a tablet or capsule than they would need for a tincture or e-cigarettes because of how the body absorbs the medication.

When you swallow the pill, it starts to get absorbed in the stomach and also goes through the liver to get processed and sent into the bloodstream. This process can significantly dilute the medication, which is the price to pay to have a longer lasting medication.

When you insert a suppository, it is absorbed through the walls of your anus and goes into your bloodstream, skipping the first pass metabolism. This way you are getting that long-lasting relief without losing any of the potency of the medication.

Works Quickly

One reason people use tinctures, e-cigarettes, oral sprays, and candy is because they work so quickly. Not everyone wants to wait the thirty minutes to an hour for the pills to kick in; they would much rather re-dose their medication as needed.

With suppositories, they work quickly similarly to how these other methods do. Some have reported feeling the effects within 15 minutes of taking their medication.

Lasts Longer Than Many Methods

The fall back of the quicker methods is that they generally don’t last as long as pills do. While taking a pill might cover the majority of your day with relief, the tinctures may only last for a few hours.

Suppositories, like pills, take time to dissolve. This gives them the ability to last longer than an e-cigarette, tincture, oral spray, or candy.

Great For People Who Can’t Keep Down Medication

Some people can’t take pills and have to result to other methods. Which can be frustrating if you do prefer to have the relief lasting for longer instead of re-dosing throughout the day.

Suppositories work great for people who can’t hold down medication or find it hard and unpleasant to take oral medication. You can have that long lasting relief without the risk of throwing it up!

How To Take Suppositories

The first thing you need to do is go to the bathroom and empty your bowels. We don’t want to push the pill out before it has done its job! Be sure to wash your hands afterward because you will be inserting something into your body, and it is just good hygiene.

You can either squat or lay on your side when you get ready to insert the pill. If you are laying on your side, bend one leg and keep the other leg straight. Then you just push the pill in with the pointed end first. If you are having difficulty, you can add a little bit of water to the tip, so it is a smoother process.

Close your legs and lie or sit still for a few minutes, let it start getting to work. If you have to use the bathroom again, try to wait at least an hour before moving any bowels.


When thinking about how you want to take CBD, don’t forget about suppositories! They are the best of both worlds when it comes to how long they last and how quickly they work. If suppositories aren’t for you, that’s still okay. Our shop has a bunch of different kinds of products for you to choose from that can fit your comfort level.


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