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The Terror Of Dementia And How CBD Can Help

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When you think of dementia, what do you see? Someone forgetting where they put their keys? Forgetting names? This can be how it starts, but dementia is more than just things slipping from your memory. We have discovered that CBD oil might be the solution to preventing dementia, showing improvements in patients who are suffering. Knowing more about what exactly is going on in someone with dementia will make it a lot easier to help them and decide if medical marijuana is the right route to take.

Memory Loss

The memory loss in dementia patients can far surpass forgetting where they put their keys. There have been instances where people will walk out of their house into the street thinking they are going somewhere in their reality, but they are only wandering aimlessly. Patients can forget they took their medication, which can result in overdoses or not getting the medication they need at all.

This damage is caused by progressive damage to the brain which CBD oil has been known to help treat. Though there isn’t enough research done on reversing this process, there has been evidence of at least slowing it down.

Depression and Anxiety

Just imagine for a moment being alone. Completely alone. In a place you don’t recognize, around people you don’t know, having no idea what is going on. You think for a moment, where is my husband or wife? And you have to be reminded, once again, that they have passed. And you have to experience that loss all over again. Imagine the type of stress your brain would be under that and how your mental health would decline.

Many patients with dementia act out, which is understandable. They are confused, angry, sad, all of the negative emotions with none of the good ones. It can be frustrating helping patients with dementia because it seems like a thankless job. Try to have patience, try to be understanding, they need you more than ever right now.

Cannabis oil has shown that is works just as well as anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. For the elderly, many pharmaceuticals can be more dangerous than they would for the general public. It also can be hazardous in the circumstance of forgetting whether you took medicine or not. CBD is very well tolerated at high levels and doesn’t have the withdrawal effects that pharmaceuticals have if overlooked for a day.


It can be difficult to know if your loved one is in pain when they have dementia. When they are so far into the disease, they may become unresponsive. However, paying attention to behavioral changes and facial expressions can really help you figure out whether or not they need help. For some cases, using strong opioids are the only things that work. However, that shouldn’t be the only option when it comes to the elderly’s body.

Starting off with CBD topicals can help targeted areas that may be hurting your loved one. CBD edibles, over time, help get the hard to reach pain that is caused by neurological issues. It’s important to talk to a doctor before adding CBD to your loved one’s medication because it can have adverse effects when mixed with certain medicines. The cool thing about that is that it could potentially replace many drugs that cause the reactions.


Dementia can be scary, but having you there makes it more comfortable. Someone to watch over and care for them as they say goodbye to the world they once knew. It may be hard at times, but just imagine the torment they are going through. Be patient, be loving, and have their best interest in mind. If you think that medical marijuana is the route to go, check out our shop. We have a great variety of CBD oil products that are safe and easy to use.

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  • Hi Tricia,
    So sorry your mother is going through these early stages. What we would suggest is getting a full spectrum hemp oil because of what is known as the entourage effect. When there are more cannabinoids in the product, they work better together for illnesses like dementia. Some patients have taken up to 400 MG , but it’s not necessary to start that high. Cannabis is dose-dependent, so too much or too little won’t be as effective.
    Since your mother has already started taking it and you haven’t noticed any allergies or adverse effects, it would be safe to say she can go forward with taking more. Try working her way up to 40-50 MG a day, raising her dosage slowly so you can continue to monitor her. Does her doctor know that she is taking it? Because if she is on other medications, CBD hemp oil can interact with some medicines. The doctors can also help you monitor her progress more closely.
    After getting to the 40-50 MG mark, see how she is feeling. Does she still need more? Then you can continue to add more hemp oil. You cannot overdose on CBD hemp oil, but taking too much like I said before would be counterproductive so make sure to take it slow by only raising the dose every few days.
    We pick the products that are on our site because of their quality. Feel free to look through our store for a method that she is comfortable with.
    Hope this helped!
    CBD Support

    CBD Support on

  • Just realized “Mom” has early stage dementia. It has not been diagnosed, but we’ve connected the dots. She’s already on some low dose drops of cbd, and is more than willing to up the dosage considerably. We need some counsel, and we need some resources, ie., knowledge of where to obtain good quality cbd for dementia patients. Can you help us. Thank you.

    Tricia on

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