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Why Should Seniors Be Exercising?

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Everyone is being told they need to exercise, it is a great way to maintain physical and mental health in individuals of all ages. It truly is like the CBD of activities. You can do it in several different ways depending on your comfort level, it has a multitude of beneficial side effects and can help maintain a high quality of life.

Seniors benefit specifically because of the time in their lives they have reached. About 80% of older adults have a chronic disease, and about half have two or more. Medication like Cannabidiol (CBD) alone won't fix every ailment, and exercising is a great activity to help fight alongside medicine and lifestyle changes for relief.

Makes You More Creative

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Exercising increases creative thinking, which enhances problem-solving skills. This can help battle confusion for seniors with dementia and boost their confidence in the ability to come up with new ideas. They may also find themselves more productive with this new way of thinking.

When researchers studied athletes who exercised every day against those who didn’t, they put them through a creativity test. In the portion where the subjects were supposed to create multiple solutions for one problem, the subjects who exercised regularly performed better than their counterparts.

Increases Memory

Exercising can reduce insulin resistance and inflammation while promoting cell growth. The parts of the brain that involve memory and thinking are larger in people who exercise than people who don’t because of exercising’s ability to keep brain cells healthy and growing.

You can even go a step farther and create simple routines to memorize. By practicing using this portion of the brain while exercising, you could turbo-charge your memory strengthening experience.

Arthritis Management

Even though it might sound painful, exercising is useful for managing arthritis. It helps keep the muscles around the affected areas strong, and also diminishes bone loss. With constant use, the joints will be receiving more lubricant as well for less pain and stiffness. It can be challenging to get going when it comes to joint stiffness. By using CBD, you can reduce the inflammation and get started on a routine that will strengthen your body over time.

Heart Health


Exercising is great for your heart’s health. It strengthens your body so it doesn’t have to work so hard to breathe oxygen. This helps individuals with cardiovascular issues because often times they get fatigued from small amounts of physical activity or simple daily tasks. It also helps lower blood pressure, which helps reduce the risk of damaging arterial walls and helps blood go to the brain efficiently.

Individuals who participate in exercise also lower the likelihood of developing back pain and other physical disabilities. For patients who suffer a heart attack and engage in exercise afterward, their mortality rate declined by 20-25%.


One of the leading causes of diabetes is obesity. It's not surprising that by doing exercise, you will lose weight and begin to see results. It also lowers your blood sugar without medication, which can help reduce your risk of heart disease. If you are out of shape, no problem! Just start a little bit a day. Even if it is only five minutes. Then slowly build up more time, and eventually, you will have the strength to have a full-on regimen!


Obesity often occurs because the individual is eating too much and not burning it off. Exercising is a great preventative and treatment for obesity, helping you burn off the extra calories you might have taken throughout the day. Starting a new diet is difficult; it seems that every other day is a cheat day. By exercising your body will begin to crave healthy foods, making it easier to keep on track to a healthier new you.


Women who exercise have a 30-40% lower chance of developing breast cancer. High levels of estrogen play a part in breast cancer, and exercising helps lower the blood estrogen. Exercise also reduces the risk of colon cancer by 20%. Exercise brings changes to stomach acids and other substances which leads to the reduced risk of the disease.



When you work out, your body produces a chemical called endorphins. This chemical has similar effects to morphine, reducing pain and elevating pleasure. It is also the same chemical released when people self-harm, and is an excellent way to segue to a healthier coping mechanism. It can also reduce stress and improve self-esteem which are essential factors in depression.


When you exercise you strengthen your heart, and a stronger heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood. This reduces the force that pushes the blood through the arteries, in turn preventing arterial wall damage. Exercise is as effective as some blood pressure medications, but it could take up to around three months before you start seeing effects in your blood pressure.


Researchers have found that moderate or vigorous physical activity on a regular basis can help improve brain capacity. A chemical called choline elevates when there is an increased loss of nerve cells, which typically happens in Alzheimer’s Disease. Exercise can prevent the chemical from increasing. These studies have shown that exercise has protective properties, which are exactly what dementia patients need.

Bone Density

Bone density increases during regular resistance exercises. It helps retain calcium and stimulate bone formation. While the muscles are bulling on the bone, it encourages a bone-building process. Simple activities like walking to tough workouts like weight training, they all help your bones grow big and strong.


Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder in adults. Many over-the-counter sleep-aid medications can be harmful and addicting. Luckily, exercise can help with insomnia. The first thing exercise does is decreases anxiety and depressive symptoms which often keep people awake. The change in body temperature from normal, to hot, to a cooling down period can put the body into sleep mode. It can also help regulate your body’s clock depending when exercise is performed, which is what may be keeping individuals awake at odd hours.

Immune System

Exercising is good for your immune system by the way it flushes your system and controls some of your body’s chemicals. Physical activity can rid your lungs and airways of bacteria, reducing the likelihood of you catching a common cold. It also boosts your immune cells, making them work harder to find anything in your body trying to harm you. The bacteria in your body can halt its growth because of the rise in temperature due to exercise, and physical activity also slows down the release of stress hormones that may weaken your system.

General Mortality

If you are obese, with high blood pressure, poor sleeping habits, are depressed, with dementia, weak bones, and a poorly functioning immune system, your health is going to suffer. Even if you don’t have all of these things at once, your mortality rate decreased the more problems that persist in your body. By exercising, you take more control over your body. You can help it become as strong as it can be, making sure that you are around a little longer.

What exercises can seniors do?

Not everyone is expected to run marathons to keep up their health. Actually, no one is. It is suggested that you do your version of your work out for at least 30 minutes a day several times a week, which doesn’t take up a lot of time or effort. There are some simple workouts that older adults can start with that will be more comfortable on them if they haven’t gone for a walk in a while.


Cycling Class

This is a prevalent form of exercise because you can start small and still have incredible results. This would be activities like running, walking, or swimming. If the individual gets fatigued quickly, spread out the thirty minutes throughout the day and have three short ten-minute exercising spurts.

Strength and Resistance


Many people might feel like they are too weak to even think about building their strength through weights. But if weights are too much, using resistance bands works just as well and are less straining on the body. Start with only small sets that you interchange throughout the work out to focus on different areas of the body, and build a regimen that focuses on problem areas.

Stretching and Flexibility


This type of exercise is a great way to build balance and reduce injuries while exercising. While doing activities like yoga, you can strengthen and stretch muscles building core strength. It can also be extremely beneficial to mental health, giving the individual time to meditate and relax.


CBD Medicine Can Make Working Out Easier

If someone is in a lot of pain, it may be difficult for them to get the motivation to exercise and work through it. Same goes for mental illnesses, which can keep their brain from thinking logically making exercise take a back seat. Hemp oil medication can assist in helping the pain subside through workouts, making it easier to build core strength. CBD also works as an antidepressant, making motivation more natural in depressed patients. The even better thing about CBD is that it helps treat almost every reason you should exercise. This way you can reach your goals of health even faster, being able to target so many things at once in multiple ways.


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