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CBD And Bone Health

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As we age, our bones stop being as strong as they used to be. Bone diseases are prevalent amongst the elderly, with 8.9 million fractures caused by osteoporosis happening a year. Some may find themselves in hospitals the majority of the year due to small falls that broke them apart. CBD oil could be the new treatment and preventative for bone disease, showing promise in the lab helping brittle bones gain their strength back.

Why Are Our Bones Getting Weaker?

Overproduction Of Chemicals

Your body can produce too many chemicals, resulting in messing with your bone chemistry. When your cortisol and adrenal levels are too high, this can result in weaker bones. It’s stated that this often happens with old age, which explains why bone density is lost throughout the years.

Bone Absorption

Our bones may also get weaker because they are breaking down faster than they can build back up. Your bones are always changing through bone absorption which turns to bone development. If your bones are absorbing too much and too quickly, it can make for brittle bones.

Low Collagen Levels

Collagen makes up the majority of bone mass; creating bones, tendons, skin, and cartilage. One reason that collagen levels can get low in an individual is that of age. This is especially true for women, with studies showing that collagen levels suffer significantly more after menopause. With low levels of collagen, your bones lose mass because they have so little to work with.

Slow Callus Formation

When your bones break, callus forms at the end so that it can begin the healing. It bridges the gap between fractures and helps the bone reform into one. However, if you have a disease that keeps the callus from growing, it could make the process of healing take a lot longer.

How Can CBD Help?

CBD interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system. It is the type of medicine that gets a V.I.P all-access pass to your body. It regulates your mood, it stabilizes your cells, and it promotes healthy living within your skin walls.

CBD can help with bone health through promoting the elevation of chemicals that may be lacking. When your body isn’t producing enough collagen, CBD elevates the chemicals production. Cannabidiol has also shown that it can make callus grow faster than without treatment.

On the other hand, CBD can also inhibit production of chemicals that may be doing damage to your body. Cannabidiol has shown in studies that it regulates cortisol and adrenal levels, preventing further bone damage.

CBD is one of the most tolerated medications you can get on the market with a multitude of health benefits. If you are thinking of switching to CBD instead, talk to your doctor if you are taking other medications. It could cancel them out to where you don’t have to pop as many pills every day, or it could have an adverse reaction to the pharmaceutical’s chemicals. Stop by our shop today to get your CBD oil pills that could replace half of your medicine cabinet!
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