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Both humans and animals can get a urinary tract infection, luckily we both also have an endocannabinoid system. While most doctors prescribe antibiotics to help with a UTI, cannabinoids like CBD have shown to be potent antibiotics that may be able to help just as well.

What Is A UTI?

A urinary tract infection is an infection in any part of your urinary tract, imagine that! This includes your kidneys, bladder, and urethra. If a UTI goes untreated, it can begin to spread and start to cause serious problems, especially when it reaches your kidneys.

How Can CBD Hemp Oil Help?

The first thing hemp oil can do for your UTI is reduce the inflammation. When your body is irritated, it sends a bunch of attacking immune cells to the area to get rid of any pathogens that may be causing harm to your body. Too much inflammation can make the problem worse, which is how CBD can help.

CBD hemp oil elevates the endocannabinoid 2-ag which reduces the number of immune cells sent out. Not only does CBD help with inflammation, but it can help with the pain as well. CBD hemp oil also elevates the endocannabinoid anandamide which helps reduce your sensitivity to pain.

Cannabinoids are also potent antibacterial that can help kill off even some of the most drug-resistant bacteria. The only problem researchers have come across is they have no idea how the plant has these healing abilities.

Preventing A UTI

Some people may find that they often get UTI’s, especially women. Taking CBD every day can help with reducing the likelihood. There are also other things that you can do to make sure that downstairs stays pain-free.

Ways To Reduce The Risk Of A UTI

  • Urinate before and right after sex
  • Drink lots of water
  • Clean your genitals and anus before and after sex
  • Wipe from front to back
  • Don’t use diaphragms or spermicides for birth control
  • Don’t use irritating feminine products like douches and deodorant sprays

One of the great things about CBD is that it comes in more than just pill form. While a hemp oil pill can help fight off bacterial infections, using tinctures, e-cigarettes, and concentrates can also have the same effect.

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