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The Hangover Cure

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How was your New Years? A holiday where many people make a habit of starting their new year in a drunken stupor. It’s fun! You socialize more, things that are fun are more exciting, and you have a great excuse when you embarrass yourself. But the morning always comes no matter how much you don’t want the night to end, and the hangovers trickle in to remind us that reality exists. But we have found that CBD can be a part of your hangover cure, along with other ways of drinking responsibly.

Drink Water

The first thing to help your hangover not be extreme is drink water while you’re drinking alcohol. We get it, it’s hard. It’s much easier to down three beers than it is a glass of water in the height of the moment, but future you will thank you. This will reduce headaches, anxiety, and nausea.

Knowing When To Drink

Did you know that when you are buzzed that means your body is metabolizing? If you take a break when you start feeling it, it lets your body go through the process and you don’t overload your system. This would be a great time to have a water to help ensure your morning isn’t miserable.

Carb It Up

When you eat things like toast in the morning, it helps counter nausea that you feel. It also will help your blood sugar which may have dropped from the festivities the night before. You can also eat carbs while you are drinking to help the morning be less intense.


CBD doesn’t rehydrate you and it doesn’t put food in your belly. If you had an extreme night of drinking, for your general health you should eat and drink lots of water. This doesn’t get rid of the symptoms of a hangover immediately, but it helps your body get back in order after a night of dysfunction. Taking CBD can reduce the symptoms almost immediately, so you can continue through your day as normal while your body reacclimates.

CBD can reduce your sensitivity to pain, which eliminates the headaches from dehydration. It is important you still drink water because dehydration is unhealthy for more reasons than just being painful. Cannabidiol also reduces nausea, making it easier to have that breakfast the next morning. Hemp oil helps you focus and have more energy, setting you up for success after a crazy night out.

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  • That’s awesome info! Thank you for sharing!

    Sarah Potts on

  • There’s science behind this too. Researchers at the University of Kentucky showed that giving rats CBD could reduce alcohol-induced neuro-degeneration by almost 50 percent. (If you’re a rat, you might want a few drinks, right?) More here:

    Tom on

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