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Is It Safe To Take CBD Before A Work Out?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) has been making its name all over the world for its health benefits. The cannabis community is climbing out of the negative stigma that is so heavily bestowed upon us through the truth. Hemp oil is so well known for being safe, but what about using it before exercising?

Will I Be High For My Workout After Taking CBD?

Getting High And Working Out Use CBD Instead

When working with heavy equipment, you don’t want to be high. It can make you careless which could lead to injuries. So, marijuana before a workout might seem like a bad idea because doesn’t marijuana get you high?

If you are smoking high THC cannabis, then yes absolutely. If you are only using CBD, then no, not at all. CBD doesn’t interact with the brain the same way that THC does. It elevates the natural chemicals that are made in your brain and stimulates non-cannabinoid receptors to create its effects.

Will CBD Make Me Light Headed During A Workout?

One of the side-effects of CBD is lowering blood pressure. It is important to test how it works with your body before you do physical exercise. If your blood pressure is lowered, you’ll feel lightheaded when you stand up or dizzy at times. If you experience this on the couch while taking CBD, you will definitely feel it doing squats.

Will I Be Able To Focus If I Take CBD Before A Workout?

CBD and Focus

Yes! Even more so! CBD actually helps you concentrate and focus more so than you would working out without any supplements. By elevating chemicals in your brain, it is regulating the activities that happen. This means you won't have an overactive brain while you work out, making it easy to get in the zone.

Are There Any Other Health Benefits Behind CBD?

If you are working out to trim fat or get a control over your metabolism, CBD can help with both! The food we eat can be turned into two different types of fat, white and brown. The white fat is stored while the brown fat is burned. CBD helps your body make the brown fat, so you don’t have as much sticking to you that you can’t get off. If your appetite is overactive making it hard to keep off weight, CBD regulated the appetite making you hungry only when your body needs food.


If you are ready to pump up your work out, check out some of our CBD products! Taking pills will have the CBD in your system in about an hour and a half, but if you need it to kick in quicker, tinctures and e-cigarettes start working within minutes.

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