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CBD For The Common Cold

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Cannabidiol (CBD) can do more than just help with symptoms of chronic illnesses and diseases. It can also have a positive effect on your body if taken as a regular supplement. One of the benefits of hemp oil is that it helps balance your immune system. Having a balanced immune system is the most effective way to fight off a virus like the common cold.

When you have an over-active immune system, you might have an autoimmune disease or allergies. When your immune system is underactive, it can make you more susceptible to diseases. Cannabidiol interacts with the endocannabinoid system which plays a significant role in how your immune system functions. By indirectly communicating with the CB2 cannabinoid receptor, CBD oil can help keep your immune system operating normally.

Inflammation And The Common Cold

When you get a cold, your face might puff up making you leak our mucus, continually coughing and blowing your nose. This discomfort is all a product of inflammation. When the virus attacks the nasal passage, it causes it to swell up and overproduce mucus. This overproduction of mucus clogs sinuses causing pain and pressure.

CBD can help reduce the inflammation, granting relief from the pressure and sinus drips. Unlike decongestants, CBD doesn’t raise blood pressure or heart rate, which is another benefit for those struggling with cardiovascular issues.

While coughing is how your body gets rid of germs that are in your lungs, the act can irritate your throat making you cough more than you need to. Cannabidiol can help with the irritation in your throat, helping to prevent a dry cough that is so common at the end of a cold.

CBD And Pain

Many people who catch a cold will feel aches and pains. This is because your body is pumping you blood with immune cells which can make your muscles stiff or start to ache. Cannabidiol reduces the sensitivity to pain through its indirect interaction with the cannabinoid receptor CB1 which is in control of your neurological system.

How CBD Boosts The Immune System

When cannabidiol reduces the overactivity in your immune system, research suggests that it doesn’t leave your body unarmed. Hemp oil also has antiproliferative effects which means it helps stop cell growth of foreign organisms like your cold virus.

How To Take CBD For Your Cold

One of the best ways to take CBD for your cold is in a bath. Using CBD bath salts in warm water can help you get relief all over your body quickly and open up your sinuses. Taking CBD regularly through a pill as a supplement can help you keep your immune system regulated making it harder to catch a cold and when you do, it’s not as severe.


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