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New Study on CBD and PTSD

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There are tons of studies about how cannabis can make our lives better. Unfortunately, many of them are still at rodent model stages or in a test tube. This doesn’t invalidate their findings; this just shows us that we still have a little bit more to learn. This month, a new clinical study was published on how CBD oil can help patients with PTSD. The findings are probably just what you would expect.

The Study

A retrospective case series examines the effects of oral CBD on symptoms of PTSD in 11 adult patients who are participating in an outpatient psychiatry clinic. A mental health professional administered an open-label, flexible dosing regimen of CBD to patients diagnosed with PTSD. The patients also received routine psychiatric case like additional psychiatric medications and psychotherapy. This study lasted eight weeks, and the PTSD symptoms were assessed every four weeks for symptoms severity.

From the 11 patients, 11 experienced a decrease in their symptom’s severity. Throughout the patients, the CBD was generally well tolerated, and none of the patients had to opt out because of side-effects. The study found that taking CBD orally while also doing routine psychiatric sessions helped to reduce the symptoms of PTSD. They also found that patients who experience nightmares due to their PTSD found relief.

How To Take CBD For PTSD

If you are just starting with CBD oil, check out this beginner’s guide first. It explains how to start taking CBD, side-effects to look out for, and how to talk to your doctor and is a must-read for any CBD newbies.

When it comes to PTSD, it is a product of fear and anxiety. Your amygdala is going crazy because it has learned that it needs to be extra careful to keep you safe. CBD oil calms down this response, making your symptoms less severe. If you have frequent outbursts and panic attacks, taking CBD oil through a vape or tincture may be the most effective. These methods of CBD oil work quickly and can help calm you down at the moment.

If your PTSD has you on edge all day and you feel like it takes every fiber of your being to keep yourself together, taking CBD pills or edibles may be the best for you. This gives you CBD relief throughout the day taking the egg shells off of the ground your walking on.

Have you tried CBD for your PTSD? We would love to hear your story and so would others looking into CBD oil!


Sarah Potts

Sarah Potts has been writing about the wonderful benefits of cannabis for CBD Instead since 2017. Medical cannabis has changed her life and her goal is to show others how it might help them as well.


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