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CBD For Agoraphobia

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Have you ever been so embarrassed by something you did you felt like you couldn’t leave your house in weeks? Do you fear being the victim of a crime anytime you walk out of your front door? Do you avoid certain events or places you used to go to because you experienced a panic attack there? You might have agoraphobia and CBD may be able to help.

Because agoraphobia is considered a complex panic disorder, CBD oil may be able to help with the symptoms. By reducing overactivity in some regions of the brain, CBD may be able to help calm your mind down so you aren’t feeling an overwhelming level of discomfort when you want to go somewhere that might give you panic attacks.

What Exactly Is Agoraphobia

Many people think that agoraphobia is a fear of open spaces. But there is much more to this disorder than that. Agoraphobia is the fear of places or situations that may cause panic, embarrassment, or helplessness.

Someone who is agoraphobic may start to feel symptoms of a panic attack when they find themselves in a stressful situation that they can’t escape. Or if they return to a place that has given them a panic attack before. Agoraphobia is when you let your fears dictate where you go every day.

How Agoraphobia Develops

If someone experiences a panic attack in a particular situation, this can drive them to avoid that same situation, so they don’t have to suffer a panic attack again. This is when it is a form of panic disorder. But not everyone who has agoraphobia has a panic disorder; they can also be triggered by a number of irrational phobias like:

  • Being a victim of a crime
  • Catching an illness in a crowded place
  • Accidentally humiliating yourself in front of people

How CBD May Be Able To Help With Agoraphobia

Cannabidiol has shown in studies to regulate the endocannabinoid system. This includes regulating your fear response which is what triggers panic attacks. CBD has been able to reduce the activity of the amygdala, which is what causes the fight or flight response resulting in panic, as well as the insular which is overactive in patients with anxiety.

By reducing your anxiety, you can gain more control over the fear that isolates you from being out in the world. If you bring CBD hemp oil with you, it may even be able to stop a panic attack in its tracks by reducing the overactivity in your brain.


Talk To Your Doctor

If you have agoraphobia, you should first off be speaking to a doctor about it. They can help you come up with coping mechanisms and give you easy tasks to accomplish to help you conquer your fear. You can even find counselors who will help you over video chat, so you don’t have to leave your house! If you are on medication and want to take CBD, let them know so they can help you discern whether or not the medicines will react differently because of the CBD. And they can watch and monitor you closely to make sure this is the right path for you to take. Stop by our shop today to get your ticket out the door.

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