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CBD For Post-Op Knee Replacements

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When the pain in your knees becomes too much, you might have decided to go through a knee-replacement surgery. Recovering from this surgery takes time, but you may be able to help with the healing process by using CBD topicals. When your body is consistently in pain or fighting your new knee, physical therapy becomes even more challenging. The whole point of the surgery is to stop the pain; you may make that happen with the help of CBD.


After the painkillers wear off, many patients still experience pain while healing from knee surgery. It makes sense; someone just cut their leg open and installed a new part. Considering that painkillers like opioids shouldn’t be taken for more than 15 days, you’re going to need some other pain management options.

Extensive surgery like a knee replacement might not stop hurting after 15 days. By using CBD topicals, you can get CBD into your system right at the source of the pain. In your skin tissue, you have CB2 receptors that CBD indirectly interacts with. CB2 receptors are famous for their ability to reduce inflammation, but they also play a role in reducing chronic pain. By applying CBD directly onto your skin, you may start feeling relief quickly.


When you have a knee replacement, your body is going to recognize that there is a foreign object within its skin walls. And do you know what your body does to anything unfamiliar? It tries to kill it. This battle is why you get inflammation.

Your brain is sending a massive wave of immune cells to the affected area, making your knee swell up and hurt. When you use CBD topicals, the CB2 receptors see the commotion going on and put a stop to it. By elevating endocannabinoids that bind to the CB2 receptor, CBD oil helps the body stop attacking itself.

You are already on your way to a pain-free living with the decision to replace your knee. Stop by our shop to pick up some CBD topicals to help speed up the process.

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  • Hey Ruth!
    Using high strength CBD topical products directly on your knee may be able to help you. Taking it orally can help with any other issues you have considering chronic pain can bring on depression.
    Hope this has helped!
    CBD Instead

    CBD Instead on

  • I have arthritis throughout my body. It started when I was 42 years old – I am 70 now. In 2008 I had a mid-foot fusion due to arthritis. In 2015 my left knee was replaced (TKR) and April 2016 my right knee was replaced. I got a bad staph infection in my right knee 15 months later in Aug 2017 . I was on IV Ancef for 6 weeks and then orally for a year. I have been on opioids for years and I still am in terrible pain . My orthopedic surgeon wants to redo my right knee, but I am not up for the more extreme surgery. Do you think CBD oil would help me to get rid of or reduce the pain. I am extremely desperate. My quality of life is terrible. Please advise.
    Thank you, Ruth L.

    Ruth Littlefield on

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