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Best Way To Take CBD For Pain

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Do you have some pain that you need to get rid of? You may have heard how CBD can help with pain, but what is the best way to use it? It all depends on where the pain is and what you’re most comfortable with.

CBD hemp oil may be able to help with pain because it can help your body not be so sensitive to pain signals being sent to your brain. CBD elevates a chemical called anandamide which binds to the CB1 receptor which controls your nervous system. Through a process called retrograde signaling, the anandamide tells the cell holding the CB1 receptor to stop sending out so many pain signals so that you can find relief.

CBD For Muscle And Joint Pain

If you have arthritis, MS, or another illness that causes you to have pain in your muscles or joints, one of the best and most favored options for this type of pain is using CBD topicals. Topicals are a great way to reduce pain because you can put the lotion or salve right at the source having the ability to focus on trouble areas.

If your whole body is sore, you might not want to use an entire container of lotion. Which is entirely understandable. But what you can do is use CBD bath salts and soak in a tub. Not only will the warm water help your muscles relax and soothe your joints, but the CBD in the salt also have therapeutic benefits that can reach any part of your body that is submerged in the bath water.

CBD For Internal Pain

You can’t put lotion on a headache. If it’s your intestines that are in pain, topicals may not be the best way to go. When it comes to pain that is inside your body that you can’t reach, you have a few different options.

Tinctures and vapes are a great way to get CBD into your system quickly to help with any pain that may be making day to day activities harder to do. This is great for when you need a break from pain now, not in an hour.

Pills and edibles are other great options, their only downfalls being how long it takes to work and losing potency through the digestive process. What these have to offer that tinctures and vapes don’t have is the ability to last for long periods of time. If you don’t have time to do a few drops of tinctures every few hours, these are the types of products for you.


How do you take CBD for pain? We would love to hear about it in the comment section below!


Sarah Potts

Sarah Potts has been writing about the wonderful benefits of cannabis for CBD Instead since 2017. Medical cannabis has changed her life and her goal is to show others how it might help them as well.


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