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CBD For Cluster Headaches

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Do you get headaches on one side of your head that happen in a series that lasts for weeks or months? Cluster headaches can be debilitating, but CBD oil may be able to help. Because CBD hemp oil has shown in studies to help relieve pain and anxiety, it could be a valid treatment option for cluster headaches.

What Are Cluster Head Aches

A cluster headache is a rare primary headache disorder that causes severe headaches on one side of the head.  These headaches usually attack in a series lasting for weeks or months. The headaches are usually separated by remission periods that can last months or years.

Symptoms Of Cluster Headaches

  • Red eye
  • Eyelid swelling
  • Forehead and facial sweating
  • Tearing up
  • Abnormally small pupil size
  • Nasal congestion
  • Running nose
  • Drooping eyelid
  • Restlessness and agitation during attacks

Cluster headaches are more than just reoccurring headaches. The pain is usually severe, on one side of the head, and near the bone framing the eye or around the temple.

Can CBD Help With Cluster Headaches?

Currently, there isn’t enough scientific evidence to claim CBD a cure for cluster headaches. However, anecdotal evidence and preliminary results indicate that CBD oil may be able to help with the pain. There are also certain things that can make cluster headaches that CBD oil may be able to help with like anxiety.

Some scientists believe that cluster headaches can be triggered by extreme stress. CBD oil may be able to help with this aspect with its anti-anxiety effects. When you are overly stressed, the chemical cortisol is released which at high concentrations can become harmful to your brain. CBD oil has shown that it may be able to help regulate the brain chemistry that causes high stress and anxiety.

How Do You Take CBD Oil For Cluster Headaches?

CBD oil is a great way to reduce pain and stress. Some of the easiest ways to use it are by taking it through tincture, oral spray, or vaping. These methods can help get the CBD oil into your system quickly to help you find relief fast. You can also try taking CBD pills or edibles which will take longer to kick in, but may last throughout the day. Talk to your doctor before taking CBD oil so they can help monitor your progress and make sure this is the right route for you to take.


Have you used CBD oil for your cluster headaches? We would love to hear how it worked for you in the comment section below!


Sarah Potts

Sarah Potts has been writing about the wonderful benefits of cannabis for CBD Instead since 2017. Medical cannabis has changed her life and her goal is to show others how it might help them as well.


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  • My husband has suffered from debilitating cluster headaches for years. I am a huge believer in CBD and what little research there is (mostly on cannabis (THC) and not CBD alone) supports that it should be effective in treating some of the underlying causes of clusters. What I don’t know is about dosing. My husband wants to take mega doses, but I know this is not always the best idea with CBD. For those who used it effectively, how much did you take (you have to look at the container to see the total milligrams in the container, then divide by the number of servings to see how much you are getting). Also did you take an isolate (CBD molecule only) or full spectrum (contains other cannabinoids)? Thanks for any input.

    Lisa Sanderson on

  • Hey Joseph!
    Thanks for sharing! Have you tried using full spectrum hemp oil opposed to isolated CBD? You might have more success in improving your symptoms!
    CBD Instead

    CBD Instead on

  • I have had CH for about 6 years. And it comes every late April or early May. At first they were only at night so I could still work. The last few years they come multiple times a day for about 3 weeks or so at a time. Sumatripan Injections and pills work, but they only give me 2 injections and 9 pills a month due toxicity. That will not suffice. I am a week into my current episode, have tried CBD and it has greatly helped. I just had to use more than they directed, I was pretty lazy but it has been working tremendously. Still feel like I have been in a 12 round fight afterwards. But I am functioning.

    Joseph Silva on

  • I’ve had CH for 16 years, they had me try every drug you can imagine. Was on high doses of prednisone for years, but affected my eyes. Now I take high dose of Verapamil, works good. Thinking about talking to Doc about CBD instead. Only thing is I do not want them to increase again. I used to have 4 to 6 CH every night for years. If you haven’t tried Verapamil, check into it. The only problem you can’t take with CBD, grapefruit effect.

    Jack on

  • I’m 64 years old, and have suffered, like so many, with CH,s since I was 40. About 2 months ago I purchased some CBC pain salve. I tried using just the salve when an attack came but it didn’t have much of an affect. However, when used in conjunction with my statin nasal spray , it helped. Encouraged,I purchased CBC oil. The cbd oil has made a tremendous impact on the severity and duration of CH’s . Like so many others I stockpiled my meds during ‘vacations ’ from my headaches but after these last several months, I’m running dangerously low which brings me to my next observation. I now start off with cbd oil , massage in cbd pain salve and I’ve been able to cope with the pain, but, keep my prescribed meds close at hand though and use them in addition as a sort of cocktail if necessary. I’ve used fewer meds and have also lost all my arthritis pain since I’ve begun this regimen. Outstanding!

    Lee on

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