Why CBD Should Be A Part Of Your Alcohol Recovery

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Alchohol is so normalized and easily accessed; it’s no surprise that 1 in every 12 adults is an alcoholic. Long-term alcohol use can cause severe brain damage, but luckily we have discovered that medical marijuana can help. Whether it’s helping you quit the habit, or helping your body reacclimate to a sober life, CBD oil could be the perfect treatment option for recovering alcoholics.


Long-term alcohol use can result in addiction, even if you think that it’s impossible for you to become dependent on anything. You’re so independent and you have so much together, but anyone can be a victim of their reward system.

Our reward system exists so that we know how to survive. When we do things that help our bloodline continue like eat, sleep, and have sex, our brain recognizes that as a good thing and makes you want to do it more. When people abuse drugs like alcohol, it triggers the reward system and puts it into overdrive making you feel amazing. The problem with this is your brain recognizes it as a need, and you begin to crave that feeling again. Sleeping, eating, and having sex isn’t enough anymore, you need your fix.

CBD has a fantastic ability to curb your cravings. By calming the activity in your brain, it doesn’t let your reward system have a huge party when you drink. This alone doesn’t cure addiction. However, it does make it easier to say no when your body isn’t dying to have a beer.

Halting Brain Damage

Chronic long-term use of alcohol can cause irreparable brain damage. Catching it before it is too far gone is what we can do until we one day find a way to reverse the damage. Medical marijuana could be that treatment, but there is not enough research done to prove that it can. What they have recently found is that it could stop the brain damage in its tracks.

Researchers have completed a study on rodent models with alcohol-induced brain damage. They gave some subjects injections of CBD while the others they gave a topical gel. They found that both CBD methods helped protect the brain from further damage. This is exciting news because this means that people could reduce brain damage from alcohol just from using CBD lotion on their skin.

How To Take CBD For Alcohol Withdrawals

If you or your loved one are in the beginning stages of kicking the habit, CBD can help with more than just curbing addictions. Headaches, pains, nausea, anxiety, and depression are all symptoms of alcohol withdrawal that CBD oil can help treat. There are now absolutely no excuses to not get sober; it’s time to get healthy.


If you have a loved one who is suffering from alcohol dependency, they need help more than anything else. Encourage them to go to therapy or meetings, because addiction is more than just wanting a drink. Finding coping mechanisms and new hobbies to keep them clean will help them just as much as medication.

Taking medication has the same guidelines regardless how safe it is because everyone is different. Though CBD has shown to be extremely well tolerated at high doses, make sure to talk to your doctor before adding it to your regimen, especially if you are already taking medication. We have a great variety of safe and high-quality products in our shop that can help you and your loved ones get sober.

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