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How Sexual Assault Survivors Can Benefit From CBD

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Being sexually abused takes the color out of the world. Strangers become terrifying. When you finally do meet someone you believe you can trust, your brain might still be sending panic signals throughout your mind telling you to run away as fast as you can. It is especially hard to cope in the bedroom considering that was the position you were in when someone changed your world forever.

Using cannabidiol to help you cope and heal from a traumatic event like sexual assault can help in several different ways. Not only can it make your body more receptive, but it can also calm your mind, so you aren’t on constant high alert.

Painful Sex

Many women who experience sexual trauma have a body that isn’t receptive to sexual advances. Even when they have found the perfect person to make them feel safe, and they want to share an intimate moment with them, their body might still be telling them no.

Using CBD lube can help with the tightness and dryness that can happen with women who have been a victim of sexual assault. It can help with the pain that you might feel upon insertion, and help you finally enjoy this tender and beautiful moment once again.

Flash Backs

Not everyone who has experienced a traumatic event develops PTSD, but it isn’t uncommon. Having memories and flashbacks that pop up at the most inconvenient times can make activities in the bedroom near impossible.

Flashbacks happen because your fear response is reminding you of what happened last time and you should be on high alert, so you don’t get hurt again. But we all know not everyone in the world is out here to hurt you. There are people you can trust.

CBD oil can help by reducing the overactivity in the brain that makes you so scared. It’s important that if you are having flashbacks or panic attacks between the sheets to seek out a therapist. While CBD can calm your mind, it doesn’t change the way you think. Only you can do that.


It’s also not uncommon for someone who has been sexually assaulted to develop depression. Sexual assault is a power move, and being a victim can leave you feeling like your worthless. It’s an unfortunate lie that many people start to process in their heads over and over again. Not to mention the stress of the event causing changes in the brain through inflammation.

Depression lowers libido making it harder to get into the mood. Even when you have found that person that you feel at home with, depression can make it almost impossible to share that physical connection with them.

CBD can help with the inflammation in the brain that can come from too much stress which can cause depression. Taking it regularly can also help uplift your mood, making you feel better overall thanks to the endocannabinoid that it enhances, anandamide.


Having PTSD can give you anxiety in all aspect of your life. While the event may not completely consume you, you may be consumed by the anxiety that it has caused. This can make it to where when you’re trying to have sex, you’re thinking about everything but sex.

CBD reduces that activity in the brain giving you a chance to focus on your partner. You can fully dive into the experience and remind yourself how beautiful it is when it is something shared and not something taken.

Don’t Forget Therapy!

You’ve already felt alone before, no need to go through the process alone after. Sexual trauma is something that can follow you for a long time if you don’t seek medical attention. It can control your life if you aren’t careful. While CBD can help you through recovery, it isn’t the single solution to the problem. Don’t worry; you’ve got this.

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