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Stoner Culture is Changing

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Stoner culture isn’t what it once was, and this is a good thing. The negative stigma that has burdened cannabis use both medical and recreational for decades is starting to decline, but only highlighting the positive aspects of something can do more harm than good when it comes to educating your friends, family, and peers. While we have come a long way, there are certain aspects of stoner culture that we may need to weed out, pun absolutely intended.

Stoner Culture Today

Stoner culture isn’t nearly as ragtag as it once was perceived. Using cannabis was viewed as criminal, and slowly we are coming into a world where that is no longer the case. Many aspects of stoner culture are improving our society like our love for the environment and each other. It is no longer just about getting high for many but using this plant to its fullest potential. We are well on our way thanks to the cannabis community working so hard to become educated and helping people find what makes their lives better. One of the changes that we are in the midst of right now is cannabinoid ratios.

THC Content Matters

One thing that is still prevalent in stoner culture is high THC content, which is okay but only to a certain point. Balance is key to anything in our universe be it drinking water, getting sunlight, or even how much oxygen you breathe. THC can be very beneficial and fun, but too much can have some adverse effects and may be damaging.

Illegal street cannabis is showing to be more potent than ever, potency levels as high as 30% THC compared to the reported 10% thirty years ago. This wouldn’t be such an issue, but it seems that this is the only cannabinoid that is being considered when altering the cannabis plant.

When it comes to recreational cannabis, of course, the medicinal benefits may not be the first thing on your mind. It is the euphoric feeling, creativity boost, calming sensation, or whatever feeling you are looking for when using cannabis recreationally. But the fact that medicinal benefits can take the back burner for recreational users, the supply and demand cycle is causing growers to up the THC levels in their plants. Luckily, many educated growers do their best to make sure their cannabis is safe and effective, but unfortunately, this aspect of stoner culture is still having an effect on illegal street cannabis.

To reiterate, THC isn’t a bad cannabinoid. It gets a bad reputation from the media, and it has shown in studies that by itself it may lead to psychological drawbacks, but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t good for you. There are plenty of studies also showing us the health benefits of this cannabinoid, and we can’t just throw those out the window. What makes the cannabis plant so effective isn’t just one cherry-picked cannabinoid, it is having all of the cannabinoids and plant material included to work together to help you reach the peak of your health.

High THC and Your Mental Health

Cannabinoids like THC and CBD have shown in studies to be beneficial to your mental health. However, some studies suggest that if the ratio isn’t appropriate for the user that it could have damaging effects. This is especially true for individuals who are pregnant, young, or chronic users.

When studying patients, they looked at the brains of people who have already had a psychotic episode and those who hadn’t. They found that regardless if someone had a history of psychosis, their brain chemistry was still altered from consuming high potency THC.

The way the brain was changed was the degradation of white matter in the brain. White matter is important because it helps with the communication between neurons, acting as a tunnel system connecting the parts of your brain. Without it, your brain would have a difficult time communicating with itself. When the white matter cells are damaged, you begin to have cognitive issues.

Complications Caused By Damaging White Brain Cells

  • Trouble learning new things or remembering
  • Depression
  • Hard time-solving problems
  • Thinking slowly
  • Balance or Walking issues
  • More Impulsive

How to Combat Drawbacks of High THC Content

The first thing you can do is not buy cannabis illegally. This is the best way to know that you are getting something with your specific ailments in mind. You can talk with someone who handles the cannabis regularly and knows what ratios have been successful in others so what might work for you.

If you can’t get medical cannabis because your state doesn’t allow it, using full spectrum hemp oil can give you’re the benefits of full plant cannabis without the THC. This is also a good alternative for those who get drug tested.

If you find that the cannabis you are using affecting you negatively, you can use CBD along with your cannabis to help counter the adverse effects. You can create your own ratio and find out what works best for you. Because remember everybody is different, and every body is different so no one ratio will work for every individual.


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