What Is Stoner Culture Doing To Our Mental Health?

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No one who takes part in recreational Marijuana likes to admit any of the plant’s fallbacks. There is such a negative stigma on marijuana that Weed Warriors are always highlighting the good things about it. This can actually be more harmful than good, says a study that was done in London from King’s College.

THC Content Matters

Illegal street marijuana and marijuana sold in recreational states are more potent than ever, holding potency levels of as high as 30% THC compared to the reported 10% thirty years ago. This wouldn’t be a problem if the other cannabinoids in the plant are being altered to keep up with the THC’s incline, but they aren’t. The levels of CBD have had barely any alterations, which is a big problem.

When it comes to recreational, many consumers are more worried about the euphoric high than the health benefits that marijuana can give us. This supply and demand cycle is what is causing growers to up the THC levels in their plants. But if they aren’t doing so with at least the CBD as well, it can cause damage to the general public who takes part in green activities.

The Effects Of High THC And Low CBD

CBD’s job is to make sure everything in your body is running smoothly. It makes sure that your neurotransmitters aren’t too excited and overloading neurons with too much information. This is especially important when consuming THC.

CBD has the ability to calm the extreme effects some may experience while smoking marijuana like paranoia and anxiety. But when there isn’t any CBD accompanying the THC, it is allowed to run crazy in your brain with no repercussions.

When studying patients, they looked at the brains of people who have already had a psychotic episode and those who hadn’t. They found that regardless if someone had a history of psychosis, their brain chemistry was still altered from consuming high potency THC.

The way the brain was changed was the degradation of white matter in the brain. White matter is important because it helps with the communication between neurons, acting as a tunnel system connecting the parts of your brain. Without it, your brain would have a difficult time communicating with itself. When the white matter cells are damaged, you begin to have cognitive issues.

Complications Caused By Damaging White Brain Cells

  • Trouble learning new things or remembering
  • Depression
  • Hard time-solving problems
  • Thinking slowly
  • Balance or Walking issues
  • More Impulsive

How To Combat Drawbacks of High THC Content

You don’t have to quit smoking to start improving your brain’s health, you just need to be more careful. When shopping for marijuana, look at the CBD content as well as the THC content. If you find that a lot of the marijuana that you prefer is lacking in CBD, you can always add your own.

You can buy CBD concentrates to dab along with your THC concentrates, making your own delicious mix. You can also sprinkle CBD isolate on the herb, and use hemp oil to mix with your THC butter you use for your edibles. THC can be lots of fun and beneficial to your health if used correctly, but safety should always come first. Next time you pack a bowl, think about adding a little bit of CBD for crowd control.

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