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CBD For Postpartum Depression

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Bringing another human into this world using your body to create it Is one of the most beautiful things our bodies can do, even if it is a pretty gross process. But not all women can jump into this new role with a perky smile and tons of energy, some women experience postpartum depression, and CBD may be able to help.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has shown in studies to work as an anti-depressant, and may even work faster than common pharmaceuticals. By elevating chemicals that are usually lacking in depressed patients, CBD may be able to help those who are experiencing postpartum depression.

What Is Postpartum Depression?

After having a baby, some women may feel intense sadness, anxiety, and exhaustion that makes it difficult to take care of day to day life for them and their family. After giving birth, the mother’s hormones drop quickly. This chemical change can cause the mother to start feeling mood swings and develop postpartum depression. Considering that many new mothers are unable to get the rest they need, sleep deprivation can also take part in developing this condition.

Symptoms Of Postpartum Depression

  • Feeling sadness, hopelessness, emptiness, or overwhelmed
  • Feeling anxious or overly worrying
  • Oversleeping or having difficulty sleeping
  • Losing interest in hobbies or other things they once enjoyed
  • Feeling moody, restless, irritable, or having trouble with anger or rage
  • Crying often for no apparent reason
  • Trouble concentrating, making decisions, or remembering details
  • Drastic change in appetite
  • Thinking about harming themselves or their baby
  • Continually doubting their ability to parent
  • Withdrawing from friends and family
  • Feeling physical aches and pains
  • Having a difficult time bonding with the baby

Risk Factors Of Developing Postpartum Depression

  • Symptoms of depression during or after a previous pregnancy
  • Medical complications during childbirth
  • Previously having depression or bipolar disorder
  • Stressful life event during or shortly after pregnancy
  • Having a family member with depression
  • Lack of support from family or friends
  • Drug and alcohol abuse issues
  • Mixed feelings about the pregnancy

Treating Postpartum Depression

Therapy is one thing that can help, but doctors may also advise taking antidepressants. But lately, research has been suggesting that mothers can find the same success using CBD hemp oil.

Recent studies have revealed in rodent models that CBD elevates chemicals in the brain that are lacking in depression patients such as synaptophysin, PSD95, and BDNF. The exciting discovery they found was that these effects came into effect in just thirty minutes of administration.

Talk To Your Doctor

If you are suffering from postpartum depression, talk to your doctor if you feel that CBD oil is the right decision for you. They can help you monitor your progress and can help you determine whether or not CBD will interact with other medications you are taking. You can find excellent quality products in our shop that can help you along the way.

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