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Is Caffeine Causing Your Depression?

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The most widely used psychoactive drug in the entire world is caffeine, and it could be the reason many of us are so depressed. In our western culture, more than 80% of adults consume enough caffeine to alter their brains in some way. With the busy world we live in, it’s no wonder people are indulging in this drug even though it could be impacting their brains. There just isn’t time to learn how to have energy without it, right?

There isn’t a direct connection to caffeine, the drug itself, to depression. However, there are ways that caffeine can make your lifestyle unhealthy that can bring upon mood problems. Drinking caffeine in moderation, like most things, is less likely to have a drastic effect, but using it to excess can have some consequences.

Lack Of Sleep

Heavy caffeine use can make sleeping more difficult. It can take away the ability to have a restful sleep, making you feel even more tired. When you wake up, you’re exhausted and turn to the coffee or tea to wake up and start the schedule all over again. Without the proper amount of healthy sleep, your body begins to malfunction and can cause you to become depressed.


Too much caffeine can make you more agitated and frustrated than you usually would be. Especially when drinking caffeine packed beverages like energy drinks, you might find yourself unable to keep your fresh. Being irritated throughout the day can take a toll on your mental health, bringing down the quality of your life causing depression.

Trying To Quit

If you use caffeine heavily and you want to quit, quitting cold turkey can cause withdrawals like most drugs. This is more than just headaches and feeling sluggish; it also can cause depression. It may be tempting to go back, but there is a way to make the withdrawals less severe and quitting easier to do.

CBD Oil And Addiction

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More than just heroin addicts and alcoholics can benefit from the ways CBD helps with addiction. The way it works is by making your brain realize it doesn’t need something. Addiction happens when your mind confuses a want with a need, which is why the cravings occur and can be so extreme.

CBD reduces the cravings, making it easier to say no to sodas and coffee. It also minimizes the withdrawal symptoms, causing the headaches and depression go away while your body adjusts. It can also help you change the ways you are getting energy.

CBD And Energy

Taking small amounts of CBD oil in the morning can give you a burst of energy and help you keep focused. It also helps to take it before a workout, making you more concentrated to get in the zone more comfortably and have the most productive workout you can have. Taking CBD also helps your body turn food into burnable fat, which is burned into energy. The energy that your body uses to keep you up and running.

Check out our shop to see what kind of options we have that would work best for you. For all-day relief, taking edibles like pills or CBD infused honey will give you long lasting effects. If you only need CBD to get rid of the headaches and the cravings when they happen, using tinctures or CBD oil e-cigarettes will help you get relief fast.

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