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Addiction: Choice Vs Disease

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Why are people throwing their lives away for a drug like painkillers or alcohol? Why do parents neglect their children while they suckle on the bottle? Why do young adults throw their scholarships away for a night out with their friends? Is having an addiction a choice? Or is there something else here at play?

While learning how cannabidiol helps with addiction, it becomes more clear that being an addict isn’t something that someone aspires to be. Because CBD regulates the reward system, it helps reduce the cravings that people feel when they have an addiction. This reward system is what gives someone the drive to use harmful substances, and it isn’t an easy feat to retrain your brain to get clean.

What Is The Reward System

Your body wants you to stay alive, so it has bells and whistles installed to keep you going. One of those bells is the reward system. Whenever you eat, sleep, nurture, or have sex, your reward system goes off and releases feel-good chemicals like dopamine. This happens so that you continue to do these things because they are needed for you and your community to stay alive.

Drugs And The Reward System

When drugs come into play, they over activate the reward system. Your substance of choice will flood your reward system with feel-good chemicals, and then your brain starts to become confused and thinks it needs that substance to stay alive. This is where the cravings come in. When your body has gone too long without this new substance that makes your brain so happy, it urges you to get more.

We all want to make our brains happy, but not at the expense of the rest of our body. Many drugs that are addictive can cause organ failure and even death. But quitting a substance is a lot harder when you are also fighting your survival instincts.

Getting Help

Addiction is a serious condition that should be treated as soon as possible. With the help of CBD, you can help curb those cravings so you’re no longer fighting your instincts, just your frame of mind. That is still a challenging task, which is why if you are suffering from addiction you should seek counsel as well. There might be a reason you fell to the bottle or pills. And if that reason isn’t confronted, you might end up back where you started. Talk to your doctor today about recovery and using CBD as a tool for success.

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