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The Importance Of Self-Care

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Self-care is something that is easily disregarded but crucial to our physical and mental wellbeing. Though it takes time for it to show it’s full impact, neglecting self-care can have deadly consequences. Self-care looks different for everyone and can be harder to accomplish for some. Learning new methods of self-care can help you discover what works best for you, and CBD oil can be the extra push to get you in the right routine.


What Is Self Care?

Self-care is anything you do to benefit your emotional, physical, or mental health. This is brushing your teeth, taking a walk, eating a healthy meal, and even playing video games.

It can be so easy to overlook self-care because it may not seem like a need. You can wait to eat until you finish your proposal, right? But don’t you think you would work more efficiently without the distraction of hunger? By ignoring your basic needs or neglecting to do them, you are wearing your body down.

Self-care looks different from person to person basing it on their needs. You may need more time relaxing in the tub to wind down, while your neighbor finds that working in the garden eases their mind the most. It’s important to know what exactly it is you need for your life to be at its best, it just takes a little thought.

What Does Self Care Look Like


If you don’t exercise, your body is going to pay for it. You can start having weight problems that lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, and low self-esteem. You will lose strength in your muscles and bones, feeling weak and fatigued. Losing that strength in your body can result in degenerative diseases like osteoporosis.

Exercising doesn’t have to be fifty burpees every day; this can be a walk through your neighborhood. As long as you are committing to a routine, it is going to have an impact. Exercising helps keep your body healthy, as well as boosting your mood. You can relieve stress while staying in shape all in one go.

Recovering From A Work Out

If you work out to the point where your body is aching, let your body rest. The period where your body is healing should be just as considered in your routine as your reps. If you neglect to allow your body to repair entirely, you’ll find that you may become more prone to injuries.

When you let your body recuperate, you’re allowing your body rebuild your muscles so the next time you work out, you will feel stronger and more energized. Taking the time to have appropriately timed breaks during the workout will also make your routine more efficient. Listen to your body, so it isn’t screaming at you later.

Keeping Off An Injury

Nobody has time for a sprained ankle whether you are an NLF quarterback or an insurance adjuster. Many people may find minor injuries as an inconvenience they can ignore. Not only will this make the injury take longer to heal, but it might also heal wrong. You can avoid having a “bad ankle” sometimes when you take care of it from the start.

This also goes for severe injuries. You might feel like you have to get back to work or your usual duties as soon as possible, hoping the medicine you’re taking will help you push through. You are damaging your body, and you might put yourself through the stress of another surgery.

Taking care of your wounds keeps your body healthy and you mentally stable. Developing chronic pain from an injury you didn’t take care of can send you into a dark spiral of depression.

Eating Well

When all you eat is junk, your body is going to suffer. It needs nutrients and minerals to function, and eating processed foods isn’t helping. Poor eating habits can result in obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and a decline in mental health. It also is an activity so habit forming it can rule your life.

A healthy diet will have your body feeling sharp and fresh. Your skin will be more youthful, your bones will be stronger, and your mood will be boosted. Eating well also gives you the energy to be productive throughout the day.

Eating well doesn’t just mean a healthy diet, it also means feeding your body when it is hungry. Forcing yourself to starve because you don’t have time is counterproductive and is a habit that we can all go without. The key theme is “listen to your body.”


You find poor hygiene habits in people with poor mental health more than those with a healthier state of mind. It’s a slippery slope of not caring that can lead to ruining your body. When you don’t brush your teeth, you eventually start to develop gum disease. Your teeth fall out, and experts believe that the bacteria can enter the bloodstream and affect your whole body.

Not showering can be equally as dangerous. When you haven’t adequately cleaned your skin, you are more prone to infection from the smallest cuts. You can also develop a painful yeast infection in your groin area. Even if you just skip a few days, your skin’s health can start to decline.

When you take routine showers or baths, you are removing more than dirt from your body. You are cleansing it of toxins, releasing stress, relaxing muscles, and even improving your blood circulation. If you are depressed, take a cold shower every once in a while. Studies have shown that taking a cold shower can reduce your symptoms of depression.

Black Screens

Technology is all around us, and there isn’t much we can do to stop it. The majority of us walk around with a portal into the vast internet in our pockets. E-mails, tweets, Facebook comments, and texts keep your phone buzzing all day. Not to mention the 43 e-mails you haven’t checked on your computer yet with Netflix blaring in the background on the T.V.

All of these distractions we put ourselves through force us to multitask at a level that is inhuman. Having a hundred things going on at all times, with the knowledge of what’s going on in every country, with access to anything you could imagine can really make your head spin.

Turn it all off. Just for an hour or so. Giving yourself time to disconnect from our technological world will significantly reduce the stress that comes with the territory. It will also help you focus and concentrate considerably better. These constant pushes for our attention are stifling our creativity and productivity. Take a break from the world wide web for a little while so you can reintroduce yourself to the world.

Setting Boundaries

Some people are people pleasers. They often forget that they are people, too. Those employees who work unpaid overtime because the business is short staffed. The parent who finds themselves being the only one who has time for their kids in the day. Or the friend who doesn’t feel comfortable drinking but goes to those parties for their friends and gets wasted anyway. One thing they are all lacking is the strength or know-how to set boundaries.

By giving yourself the control over the life that you have, you won’t find yourself under so much stress. You can say no, use the heck out of it. Have open and honest communication with the people who are affecting your life and set out boundaries that will help you stay comfortable and healthy.


Having fun shouldn’t be put on the back burner, it is essential for your mental health. If you live a life of all work and no play, stress and depression can sneak up on you. You can become hard to the world and become obsessed with your job. You can become exhausted with no way to find energy again. Yes; it is important to put food on the table. But it is just as important to have an occasional food fight.

Doing things like playing video games, making chairs, or drawing helps you connect with a happiness only hobbies have to offer. Leisure activities give you the sense of accomplishment, without the stress of finishing the task.

When It’s Easier Said Than Done

Some people have obstacles in their life that may make self-care difficult. Not obstacles they can control like an enormous workload, but an obstacle like arthritis or depression. It isn’t fair that they have to go that extra step, but it is what it is. CBD oil can help with the majority of the symptoms that make self-care so difficult, helping you push through and fall into a healthy routine.


If you are in so much pain that you can’t brush your teeth, taking CBD or using topicals can help reduce your pain sensitivity. If you have arthritis, using creams and lotions can loosen your joints and make the pain less severe. For chronic hard to reach pain, taking CBD suppositories or concentrates can help you get the stronger effects of CBD to get your life back to normal.


It can be challenging to think of yourself when your mind is racing about so many other things. Your brain is being overactive, which makes you unproductive. CBD elevates chemicals in your brain called endocannabinoids that help calm down brain activity that is being a problem. Taking CBD tinctures or e-liquid can help you start thinking more rationally so you can start taking care of your self.


It’s hard to take care of yourself when you don’t care. What’s the point? Your health is the point, and it is the only point needed. CBD has been shown to have anti-depressive effects, while also reducing inflammation in the brain. Researchers believe that inflammation plays a huge role in depression, and reducing inflammation is one of CBD’s specialties.

Self-Care Means You Matter

What you are telling yourself when you take care of yourself is that you matter. You are important. And it’s true. Many of us get caught up in the world of helping others because it is our job or how we live our lives. But neglecting to take care of you first makes you no good to anyone.

If you need help getting it together and finding a healthy self-care routine, CBD can be the tool that grants you success. Stop by our shop today and start treating yourself like the royalty you are.  

Sarah Potts


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