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CBD Candies : Yummy And Beneficial

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When you take a tincture drop or vape a CBD pen, you are utilizing some of the fastest methods to get CBD in your system. The only downside of this is that it doesn’t last as long as a pill would. CBD candies help you dose the same way you would to get the CBD in your system quickly while also being digested giving you longer lasting relief. Even though CBD candies are generally a small dose, they may still help you with a variety of ailments.

Cigarette Addiction

When it comes to cigarette addiction, it can be more than the craving for nicotine that drives you to puff. The hand to mouth motion is also incredibly addictive, and many people develop an oral fixation. This means that you feel more complete with something in your mouth, like a cigarette.

When you start to feel the urge or the craving, CBD may help regulate your reward system to trick your brain into not needing cigarettes anymore. You can go a step further using CBD candy to satisfy that oral fixation and keep your mouth busy when you get bored.

Social Anxiety

When you have social anxiety, you’re usually around other people. You might not feel comfortable vaping or taking a tincture in front of the people who are giving you anxiety. By carrying around some CBD Candy, you can discretely dose your CBD to start feeling normal in a room full of people.

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks come in all shapes and sizes. Some people throw and break things; others may hyperventilate and pass out. When you are going through a panic attack that makes you tremble, it can be frustrating trying to use your CBD tinctures with the worry of being accidentally wasteful. Having CBD candy on hand gives you a quick and easy way to calm your panic attacks down.

Poor Mood

If everything goes wrong on your way to work, it might start building up inside of you. The world isn’t a perfect place, and over time it can wear you down. Whenever you feel like you can’t get through the day, that you might just snap, CBD candy can help bring you back down to earth. CBD candies may help elevate your mood by manipulating the endocannabinoids in your brain. It also can help you calm down by focusing on sucking or eating your candy instead of the world that’s trying to pull you down.

Low Energy

Instead of going for that energy drink or a cup of coffee, eating CBD candy can help boost your energy without the fallbacks. Caffeine doesn’t actually give you energy; it just blocks receptors in your brain that alert you when it’s time to sleep. This is why a lot of people get the jitters when they drink coffee because neurotransmitters are left to play with no one to watch them.

CBD candies may boost your energy by enhancing the functionality and abundance of mitochondria, making your body utilize the energy it already has. By elevating the anandamide in your brain, CBD also gives you a sensation similar to the runner’s high.


CBD candies are some of the most delicious ways to medicate, and it’s effortless. If you’re ready to start changing your life and start using CBD, visit our shop today! We have delicious CBD honey sticks, Lollipops, and chocolate perfect for you!

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